Friday, 31 December 2004

In a blink of the giant's eye, wish it will come true

Azam tahun baru? New Year resolution? That would be the 2nd most popular question for the past few days (Sorry, this time Tsunami is the most popular question). My answer to that will always be:-

1. I don't have any, which always end up with a huge debate on why I should have at least one. (actually, I have but why would you care to know?)

2. Live a better life than now.. which also end up with a huge discussion on why I should make it more specific. (I have, and if you keep bugging me, you will never get to know it)

3. World Peace. Although I laugh at that phrase everytime I said it. (was thinking if I should even wave hands a-la Abby Abadi when saying that.. err.. Nahh..)But seriously, shouldn't we all make that as a our resolution now?

And because of these 3 'common' remarks from me, (it is as common as my "lepas raya" answer to the marriage question), some people look at me somebody who didn't take life seriously. (wow, well done Houdini.. You can judge people from just a remark)

OK. For the first time, here's to getting a bit 'serious' in life. What would I hope for in 2005..

1. I'm bouncing far away from any misery I experienced in 2004 and live a much better life.

2. Making a significant impact to people's lives no matter how insignificant I am to them after that.

3. Having to create new things for the benefit of the people.

4. Able to do my job well, creatively, dynamic and with substance. For that I hope I'll not be 'zalim' towards other people as well. With power, comes great responsibility. (Oh yeah.. I got a new job for 2005 and it will be interesting)

5. Sometimes, small thing does matter and I intend to make as many people as possible aware of such thing. Do not neglect little things especially when it comes to the matter of heart and mind.

By all that, I would just best to summarize it as

"I want to be a better person. I will be a better person and I'll make sure everybody that are already a part of my life (directly and indirectly) will be much better and wonderful than they already are."

Happy New Year everybody. Heads up. Keep the spirit high. May this be a humble start for a better year ahead. Aminn..




This just came in... ABC News have named 'Bloggers' as their 'People of the Year' for 2004. Congratulations everybody.

Thursday, 30 December 2004

Road Trip

We've seen so many road safety campaign isn't it? From one reminder to another and still we see so many reckless and rude drivers and motorist around. How far does this campaign actually works? Do we really affected by the campaign? Are we motivated to drive safely after listening or watching the campaign?

I still remember 'Pandu Cermat, Jiwa Selamat', 'Pakai Tali Pinggang Keledar Anda' and 'Maut tidak mengenal mangsa' back then. Now, the campaign are 'Jalanraya bukan tempat berlumba' and 'Ingatlah orang tersayang'. OK, there's a slight change on the angle but still, does it really work?

Let's just do a reverse. Since none of it really work for those that matters, and as we all know, the more you forbid them, the more tempting for them to do it. Let's just encourage it.

Here are a few example:-

"Kenderaan Anda, Nyawa Anda. Tiada siapa yang merindui bila anda tiada"

"Teruskan berlumba haram. Kematian anda menguntungkan negara"

"Kemalangan anda semua akan mencerna ekonomi negara. Kami bangga."

How about that? Can that work? Hopefully, by campaigning this way, we don't have to deal with reckless drivers and motorists everyday.What do you think?


p.s I've already collected 2 huge trashbag of used shoes to donate to the Tsunami victims. Any organisation is willing to take such things? I'm also been planning to go the village affected myself. Anybody want to join me?

New Year's Eve Celebration cancelled as directed by our Prime Minister. More news on Star Online. With this, I hope we could all do our part together. Amiinnn..

Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Let's give 2005 a wonderful start.

Here's the deal. There is only 4 days left and I need all your cooperation to make this happen.

Some of you might be aware that the Asia Blog Award 2004 voting session is now on till 31st December 2004. This nominations are based on suggestions and promotions by other fellow bloggers (just to make sure you know they did not nominate themselves to be in it).

The Nominees for Malaysian Best Blog 2004 are :-

1. Macvaysia - Darul Fahim
2. Mental Jog - Exercise Your Mind
3. Rajan
4. Jeff Ooi - Screenshots..
5. Pok Ku - Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering
6. The Hustler Diaries
7. Nik Nazmi
8. Suanie - As Suanie Sees It
9. TV Smith - Dua Sen
10. B*tchingLOG...not a weBLOG

As democratic as I can be to link all the nominees for your reading pleasure, it is my honor to plead each and every one of you who read this entry to vote for Pok Ku as this year's Best Malaysian Blog.

For those of you who've known Pok Ku or have been to his blog, you would agree that he's the best candidate to accept this award. For those of you who have not been to Pok Ku's blog, it about time you visit the blog and you'll see that there's nothing more Malaysian than what's written on his Blog. If there's anybody would like to know how a Malaysian blog is, than Pok Ku's blog would make the best example.



This is a link on how you can do your bit in helping the Tsunami Victims. I'm hoping to contribute more but this is the least that I can do so far. Supporting the effort started by others. May Allah guide us through this sorrow. Amiinn..

Saturday, 25 December 2004

Joy to the World

Every year, the family will have dinner on Chrismas Eve and another dinner, a day after Chrismas. No, we did not do this because of Chrismas but instead, we did this to celebrate the birthday of two wonderful ladies in the family, my aunt Masri Omar and my beloved mother Pon Hj Othman.

Aunty Masri as I call her, is a sweet lovable person. Never once have I ever heard her shouting or raise her voice. Not even when scolding her children when they were little kids. Instead she speak softly, talk to them nicely and with full of love. Surprisingly, that works.

Every guest that comes tho their house will be treated special. She'll make sure everything is comfortable while they're there and all happy when they leave. Meet her and you'll see how wonderful this lady is.

Here's about my mom. Another wonderful lady (who cares if I'm biased, she's my mother)who brought me ot this world. As a typical mother, she'll definitely be worried about all her children upbringing. The good things and bad things that we do will somehow affect her. The worry part of her can sometimes got her being overprotective to all of us but never once she dictated any of us on making our own choice, which got us siblings decided that if there's any problems, as much as possible solve it on our own and not to get her all worried.

It will be my mom's 61st birthday on 26th December. The first birthday for her to celebrate with her 2 granddaughter, one eye blinded for glaucoma and a plastic pouch attached due to her colon cancer surgery earlier this year. It is obvious how weak her body is but never her spirit.

Happy Brithday Mama. I know it's hard to raise 3 boys with attitudes but you did it very well. You are never a bad mother and we will always love you. Everybody in the family loves you very much.

All my love to these 2 wonderful ladies in the family.

Happy Birthday.


Addition :

Happy Birthday to..

1. Uncle Rahim - 1st Dec
2. Cousin Fifi - 13th Dec (you're already back in UK on your Birthday)
3. Zura Syazween (niece) - 23rd Dec (Sorry, tak boleh belanja this year.)
4. Yasmin (niece) - 26th Dec (laa.. sama lak birthday dengan Tok Pon dia)


Cousin Ain and Hubby - 27th Dec (Wow, first anniversary celebrate in Germany)

Tuesday, 21 December 2004

It's Easy If You Try

I've been watching cartoons lately. As many cartoons as I can. From the old Disney, Japanese Anime, Spongebob Squarepants, Doraemon and Futurama. After a few series of these programmes, it got me thinking, "How the hell these people come up with such whacky yet attractive enough to watch?" Where are all these ideas comes from? What were they thinking when coming up with such ideas that proves to attract millions of viewers especially kids?

All these questions, I then refer back to our own products. Local stuffs. How come we still have a long way to go. Don't blame on the technology here. You don't need a superhigh technology to create an addictive cartoon like Doraemon. You don't even need what they have in Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks now to create Spongebob or even Powerpuff. Yet, we still left behind.

The more I think about it. I realise one thing. Most of our product lacks of imagination. We are creative in designs and artwork. I have no doubt about that but, somehow our imaginations and creativity on the content is weak. We didn't try to think from the view of the audience and how they would relate to the story, we merely taking a shortcut and instead, being the direct manipulating adult as we always been, forces those kids to accept what we have to offer using our perspectives.

It is time to come up with much better cartoons and kids programme locally isn't it? If we're seriously thinking about getting our content accepted internationally, I don't think just by being expert of the softwares and the tools are enough. It's like playing god, create humans but without soul. Isn't it?

Get more creative and imaginative people to work on it too. Without good content, all those excellent and superb multimedia skills of fellow Malaysians will only end up to waste and once again we succeed to prove that our local product sucks... which is not entirely true since we don't look into problems analytically and we don't solve these problems creatively.

I would like to suggest that once a while, we bring back the little kid spirit in us, watch those cartoon and try to see what they saw on those programmes that got their attention. Isn't it?

As John Lennon would say..

"you may say I'm a dreamer
but I'm not the only one"


One more thing, here's another video. I know it's not new. Those of you who've been listening to Mix FM might be really tired of this song. (the effect of radio overplay) But, the song is nice. The lyric is great and seeing this video, it show's how the record label is having more faith on this band as the videos from the other 2 singles of Maroon 5.. is kinda getting low budget as they are still new at that time. Way to go Maroon 5.

Saturday, 18 December 2004

First Malaysian on the Moon.

Just got back from visiting Azlan Abu Hassan's home studio this evening (at last. After a promise made to visit his place a year ago.. sorry Lan).

Interesting place I must say. Comfy, well-planned and nice surroundings. I'm definitely to visit that place again. The studio was great too. Small setup, but well equip.

OK, that's not the point. He insist me in getting myself an anti-oxydant scanning as the scanner was at his place for one day. The BioPhotonic Scanner, produced by Pharmanex is a machine that would scan the anti-oxydant level of my body.

Not to my surprise. With my unstable diet and way of living for the past 2 months. The result was bad. As average Malaysians would always be around the second lowest level out of the 5 level, I was actually at the lowest level category. (well, I'm unique, not average.. alasan..) With that, I know I need a better diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and buck up my life fast.

Enough of that. He then show's me a documentary produced by Fox entitled, Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?

I've heard this question before and I've heard many people discussing about this issue before but never had I heard such convincing facts about the topic like those shown on the documentary. Among the points are :-

1. The flag is waving when there's no air on the moon.

2. There's no stars around when they're actually around a very clear sky

3. The shadows is not parellel when the only light they have is the sun.

4. The photo taken was professional perfect when the camera was actually hook to the chest and there's no viewfinder on the camera.

5. You lead a thick lead to prevent you from being affected by high radiation on earth but you only need a few pieces of aluminium as a space suit to protect you from the highest radiation exposure.

If you got the chance to watch the documentary, do watch it and give it a thought. It does make sense. Although, NASA will definitely deny it even with their own lives.

Freaky. Isn't it? Hey, I'm no expert.

"If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon
If you believe there’s nothing up my sleeve, then nothing is cool"

- Man On The Moon - REM

Monday, 13 December 2004

Making the best out of the situation

It's been quite some time since I last watched any movie. Whether in cinema or just by watching DVD at home. Finally, last Friday night, I manage to watch 'The Terminal'. A movie that I have been wanting to watch since the day I read the synopsis.

Talented indeed, Tom Hanks did a spectacular job as Victor Navorski, who actually stuck at the airport as he can't go back to his homeland as the country is considered non-existant nor can he get in USA as he is at that moment a person with no citizenship.

Enough of the obvious, it's not that situation that facinates me. It's the human value within the story that got me hooked to the movie till the end. The wonderful and sincere heart of Victor, that won the hearts of the people working inside the airport. The friendship between Victor, Gupta - the Indian cleaner, Enrique - the food vehicle driver and Joe. The Love crush and be crushed of Victor and Amelia, the matchmaking of Enrique and Torres, and the one and only reason for Victor to visit New York and go through all those hell to make sure he will get it done.

Humanities are everywhere in this movie. It is nicely crafted and elaborated in the script and put into visual in a way that will surely touch our heart. Whether all those values of love, sincerity, friendship portrays are signs of what this world is lacking of or maybe that is just another false hope?

Only by digging into our own hearts that we will know what will the answer be.


p.s Oh yes, the Victor-Amelia crush. Does that also prove that wonderful guy will never deserve to be loved by a women? She went back to her married boyfriend after he confess isn't it? Just a thought.

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

When all things seems going the wrong way.

Sorry for the long silence. It was not my intention to do so. Things kind of messy the past week.

The past week was a horrible week for me. Almost none of what I want to do and plan to do went as planned. In fact, it went the opposite. With obstacles and problem that got me feeling fragile and numb. There's even a point where I almost break down and lose hope.

Actually, nobody actually knows what's going on with me. I didn't tell anybody about it for a simple reason that other people have their own problems and they are not as crazy as I am to listen to other people's problem for the sake of easing the burden. So, I took it up alone as usual, although this time it's harder than anything I faced before.

Well, things are more stable now (if not better). At least there's no artificial chest pain or heavy heads. Hopefully, this would be the starting point for a better life ahead.

The past few days, I was frequently glued to this one song by the band Spider. (by the way, they are nominated as one of the favourite Malaysian Artiste for the MTV Asia Awards 2005)No, it is not any of the song you heard on the radio but one of the song in their new album. What got me glued to it is a part of the lyric from the song..

"Sebelum gugur tercalar, jiwa parah
Jangan kau gugurkan air mata

Sebelum putus tali Tuhan yg Esa
Jangan kau berputus asa"

.. and so, I let this part of the lyric live in me. Let it be no matter how hard life would be for me, I'm sticking to all my dreams and my hopes. Some might seems impossible but I'm still be longing for everything that I ever wanted for...Hopefully, one day..all these dreams will come true. Aminn...

Sorry again for the long silence. It was unintentional.