Sebelum Labuh Tirai Malam..

Love this lovely lady with all my heart

She's Back!! ..She's Back!!

All the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me

The Last Samurai??

Faded Innocence..

An event to mark our existance

The multiple faces on a wondering mind..

Back in the 23rd and 5th.. there was this incident.

If I should stumble on my moment in time

.. the moral of the story is...

Do NOT read beauty magazine it will only make you feel UGLY!

Better when I'm older... woohooo...

My favourite number is 7 and I'm cursed by the number.

Schizophernia is a very hard word to spell..

Raikan Kemenangan Aidiladha

Inilah Hari Kita. Tiada Lagi Rasa Ketakutan..

It's not that bad isn't it?

Ape keghoje kome kat banda dighaje?

The Weird Elements (And So I've been Tagged..)

Inspiring guts and glory..

Make your choice..

Can't be held responsible..

Laa..... Birthday lagi....

Manchester - Germany - Kuala Lumpur

Not just a team.. we're FAMILY!!

And rise above the flame...

My Prayers To You..

The value of family..

Another Double Celebration

Change Your View..

Lights will guide you home..and I..

Double the joy. Double the celebration!!