Friday, 28 January 2005

Do YOU have what it takes?


We're auditioning for TV hosts to anchor variety of Women's and Youth's programme.


1. With pleasant personality
2. Able to communicate with people at all levels. (Malay and English)
3. Have interest in everyday life of peoples around you
4. NOT A PARROT! (which means, you can also contribute in content)

If you believe you have all the qualities above, and have the passion to create something different, make yourself available at...

ANSAR Channel,
Suite 3Q, 3rd Floor,
Wisma SPS (beside Imbi Plaza),
Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

Date : 29 and 30 January 2005 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time : 10am - 5pm


Tuesday, 25 January 2005

I'm very much aMUSEd by this..

And this will be my last entry from the south. In a few hours time, I'll be back on the road heading to the Muddy Valley, ending the first of 3 or 4 part trip to the south.

By the way, I've been longing to put this video up. So, before I start rambling with my nonsense again, enjoy this video. This time, with lyrics included for a better understanding of the lyrics from this magnificent band from a small town of Devon in UK. (you never heard Devon??.. It's the home of the minor football team Exeter, who hold Man United to a draw last few weeks..)

Sing for absolution - Muse

Lips are turning blue
A kiss that can't renew
I only dream of you
My beautiful

Tiptoe to your room
A starlight in the gloom
I only dream of you
And you never knew

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
And falling from your grace

There's nowhere left to hide
In no one to confide
The truth burns deep inside
And will never die

Lips are turning blue
A kiss that can't renew
I only dream of you
My beautiful

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
And falling from your grace

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
And falling from your grace

Our wrongs remain unrectified
And our souls won't be exhumed


1.CONGRATULATIONS to Pok Ku for winning the Best Malaysian Blog 2004
2.Tickets for 'DEWA - In the name of Love' concert in Singapore will be available in JB and KL next week. You can purchase it through me.

Saturday, 22 January 2005

The 20th Anniversary (Ode to Mak : Repost)

Reading Kak Ri's latest entry makes me realised it's already 20 years since we first heard the shocking news. Mak (as how I called her), my aunty, passed away in the Mina Tunnel incident while performing her Hajj. I called her Mak. I think it is appropiate to call her Mak than to call me aunty or makcik.

I wrote about her before in my previous entry. A wonderful person that will always be remembered. Wish she's still alive to see how all of us live now, but Allah loves her even more. Still, she will always have a special place in our hearts.

Here's my Ode to Mak. A repost on her 20th Anniversary.



p.s Going to Singapore later..

Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Celebrating the meaning of Love

I've been making public announcement too much, aren't I? It's been a while since I write anything that make no sense to here. So, maybe this time would get my brain move again. (still, just the brain would not make you a good person.. it's the heart and soul people..)

Anyway, Aidiladha is around the corner and at these moment, it is the time of pilgrimage to the Holy Land (while cows and goat make their pilgrimage saving their lives in the forrest). I would like to think of it as muslim's way of celebrating love. Our version of Valentine.

The history of Hajj told us about how these are the geatest love story that should set as example for all. The love showed by Siti Hajar, Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail in all the incidents that created of what we call Hajj now, portrays the symbol of undivided love.

You would sacrifice for your loved ones. You would die for them. You would do anything to show how much you love someone. When action speaks louder than words, the actions made by the Prophet's family speaks about love even louder than any romantic poetry.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha everybody. It is the celebration of love, more than a celebration of sacrifices as we all know it. It's about LOVE.


The picture above are my 2 sweet nieces, Hanan Afiqah and Hanan Insyirah, taken on Aidilfitri. As much as they are the joy of the family, it is the symbol of love of my brother and his wife.

Sunday, 16 January 2005

DEWA - In The Name Of Love 2004

"aku bisa membuatmu jatuh cinta kepadaku
meski kau tak cinta kepadaku
beri sedikit waktu agar cinta datang kerna telah terbiasa"

DEWA, one of the top band in Indonesia will be performing in Singapore on 27th February 2004. The concert entitled "DEWA - In The Name Of Love 2004" will be held at Fort Canning in conjunction to their latest album 'Laskar Cinta'.

Ticket will be on sale in Malaysia soon and early booking can be made by emailing me at

Prices are RM88 (VIP area) and RM63 (Normal). The 5 hour concert will start at 1pm till 6pm with performance by Bhumi Band, a promisiong progressive band from Singapore.

DEWA, is comprises of Dhani (keyboards, guitar), Andra (Guitars), Once (Vocal), Tyo (Drums) and Yuke (Bass).

Make a date with DEWA in Singapore this February.

"Jika masih ada cinta dihatimu
maka maafkanlah segala kesalahan
cintailah cinta"

Thursday, 13 January 2005

My lunatic (but humble) request.

You guys really hate me when I'm serious don't you? OK OK.. I know in som way or another I am a Quack head.

Thank you for your concerns. My mom will be OK, Insyallah. Will be looking for alternative effort to fight her cancer as well.. (Bomoh not included). And she'll be in KL after Aidiladha for the treatment.

Yes, about Malam Tunas Jiwa. It is confirmed Hazami already agreed to show support. Ezad Exists and Tria Aziz was interested to support, unfortunately due to my last minute approach. They already have some other things to do that night. Still, waiting for a few confirmation as well.

I'm begging you. Please, come and show support to the effort. Hopefully, we can meet eah other there. (You can also come and insult me if you want, as long as you come and show support..AND donate for the cause)

by the way, found this site from Judd's blog... and this is my resolution being given by the site..

In the year 2005 I resolve to:
Getting myself admitted to a mental institution.

Get your resolution here.

Now.. How true can that be? damn.

Wednesday, 12 January 2005

URGENT : Support Needed!!


JAWATANKUASA Seniman Prihatin, dengan kerjasama Akademi Seni Kebangsaan serta Yayasan Kesenian Perak bakal menjayakan program kesenian Malam Tunas Jiwa.

Tujuan malam tersebut adalah untuk melahirkan rasa simpati para seniman terhadap nasib malang yang menimpa mangsa tsunami di Acheh dan utara Tanahair.

Program malam tersebut bakal diserikan dengan bacaan puisi oleh penyair Dinsman, Dr Zakaria Ali, Prof Muhammad Haji Salleh, serta bacaan mesej peribadi dari karyawan Acheh oleh Dr Siti Zainon Ismail.

Turut menyumbang tenaga untuk persembahan malam itu adalah pemuzik folk Meor, penari multi-etnik, January Low, kumpulan gamelan Rhythm in Bronze, kumpulan Dewangga Sakti, kumpulan Electro Primitive, serta
persembahan khas dari kakitangan serta penuntut ASK sendiri.

Turut membuat penampilan khas untuk program tersebut adalah Seniman Negara Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal yang telah sudi mencipta logo simbol tunas kelapa, yang menggambarkan harapan agar kawasan yang dilanda
tsunami bakal tumbuh subur semula, demi meneruskan kesinambungan hidup selepas tragedi tersebut.

Pada malam itu juga, pengunjung akan dapat mendengar sendiri pengalaman sukarelawan Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia dan Global Peace yang baru pulang dari Aceh, serta mendaftar sebagai ahli di persatuan-persatuan berkenaan.

Malam Tunas Jiwa akan diadakan pada Sabtu, 15 Januari 2004, jam 8.00 malam, bertempat di Laman Akademi Seni Kebangsaan.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi

Tengku Elida Bustaman (0163284493) atau Fazli Ibrahim (016 2982905)


* Please show your support by copy and paste this info to your blog to make it possible for this info spread to as many as possible in the shortest time. Your contribution is highly appreciated to make this event a success. I'm trying to get a few celebrities to perform as well that night. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.

After one year. Here it comes again..

The bowel is part of the digestive system. Your doctor may call this the gastrointestinal tract, or GI tract for short. The digestive system processes all the food we eat and turns it into energy. It also gets rid of any solid waste matter from the body. The bowel is divided into the

  • Small bowel or small intestine
  • Large bowel or colon and rectum
The small bowel is actually the longest part of the bowel - about 20 feet long. The large bowel is about 5 feet long. The small bowel is called 'small' because it is much narrower than the large bowel. When people talk about bowel cancer, they nearly always mean cancer of the large bowel. Cancer of the small bowel does happen, but it is much, much rarer.

Digestive system

After food has been swallowed, it passes down the gullet (oesophagus) into the stomach. The food is digested and passes into the small bowel. Here digestion continues and the body absorbs the goodness (nutrients) from the foods.

The large bowel absorbs water as the digested food passes through and the waste matter or stool gradually forms. The stool is stored in the rectum, or back passage, until it is ready to be passed out of the body as a bowel motion.

The large bowel has 5 sections. Cancer can develop in any of these. They are the

  • Ascending colon - the first section that runs from the appendix at the end of the small bowel up the right side of the abdomen
  • Transverse colon - goes across the body, under the stomach from right to left
  • Descending colon - goes down the left side of the abdomen
  • Sigmoid colon - an 's' shape bend that joins the descending colon to the rectum
  • Rectum - the back passage which joins the opening of the bowel to the outside, the anus
The bowel has walls that are made up of several layers of body tissues. Bowel cancers start in the innermost layer - the lining of the bowel. If left untreated, they can grow into the muscle layers under the lining and then right through the bowel wall. It is the stage of your cancer that tells you how far your bowel cancer has grown into the wall of the bowel.

We think most bowel cancers take 5 to 10 years to develop. Most begin as a small growth on the bowel wall called a polyp or adenoma. Sometimes bowel cancer spreads to another part of the body.

Treating Advanced Colorectal Cancer /Treating Colorectal Cancer /Colorectal Cancer /Specific Cancers /Cancer Information Homepage/Welcome to CancerHelp/

The liver is a large organ at the top of the abdomen. Blood from the bowel goes first to the liver, so it is a common site for colorectal cancer spread. The diagram shows blood flow from the bowel to the liver. Lymph nodes are part of the immune system. Colorectal cancer often spreads to lymph nodes in the abdomen.

There are books and booklets about Colorectal cancer, some of which are free. Look in the bowel cancer reading list

* note : article taken from (Thanks to cousin Fifi in Nottingham for the infolink)


p.s It's been exactly one year since my mom got her surgery to remove her colon due to cancer and last night, I got a call from my brother telling me that the latest checkup shows that the cancer is back and for now, the doctor could not determine where is the exact point that started it all.

"Mama, I'll pray that you'll be alright. Please God, let her live to see all of her children live happily and fine. Only to You I seek help..Aminn"

Saturday, 8 January 2005

You Idiot!!! (In a good way..)

Nobody likes to be called idiot. Trust me. Not even the lunatics in Hospital Bahagia. Even when M Zain in the movie claims "Hari ni hari bodoh saya tuan.." The expression shows he's not liking it. Still, this new millenium, 'Idiot' have a new meaning to people and the only time anybody wouldn't mind to be call an idiot is when they buy the Idiot's guide book. They would hold the book without any shame on their face, place it on the table where it's visible to others and some even read it in the public. It's not a problem.

Seems that the branding of Idiot's Guide series is working well. We bought it, we read it and we acknowledge it due to the fact that the book does help in certain way. The writing style is easy to understand without compromising the substance and it's entertaining too. I guess this is the literally an example of "don't judge the book by it's cover".

I think we ought to have our own series of Idiot's Guide for Malaysian. Here's a few example of titles that needed by Malaysian (and some Asians)

Idiot's Guide to Bomoh (Panduan Si Bahlol kepada Bomoh)
Idiot's Guide to Illegal Racing (Panduan Si Bahlol untuk Lumba Haram)
Idiot's Guide to seduce a Dato'
(Panduan Si Bahlol memikat Dato')
Idiot's Guide to Get Rich Easy
(Panduan Si Bahlol untuk Cepat Kaya)

That would be a potential best sellers in Malaysia isn't it? Learn the brand strategy of Idiot's Guide series. It's interesting to know they manage to redefine the word IDIOT

Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Living on a Prayer

Community Relation. That's not a new term. It's been around for quite sometime. But how many of us really know what it's all about? PR firms been working on this as well as the Advertising agencies for the benefit of their clients. No matter how sincere are these clients about community relations, how many of them really understand what's it all about?

A simple example of such would be TV ads made by various Malaysian corporate companies for our main national celebration. Petronas, Malaysian Airlines, Telekom and others have been creating ads that gave meaningful messages for the community which, to me, I would consider such attempts as the Malaysian style of advertising. It works well for their branding too.

Thank you to Zen a.k.a Realizingzen, who put his effort to look on the internet for such ads made over the years, we can now see some of the past TV ads made by Petronas on the net. This page contains archieves of all the TV ads made by Petronas since 1996. (Remind you, this is just a part of community relations task. There are many other tasks to do as well.)

Hope we are more community concious when we do our business.

"High time we made a stand
And shook up the views of the common man.."
- Tears For Fears


p.s I would say the 'Prayer' ad for Hari Raya 2001 is my favourite. It would be proper if they bring this ad back for this coming Aidiladha. Don't you think so?

Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Kick-Off 2005

We had one leg into the finals, we hesitated and suddenly we lose our ticket and gave it to the Indonesian team. That's what happen to the Malaysian soccer team. I've assume this would happen at the first leg of the semi final where they go against the Indonesian side at Senayan Stadium. Indonesian did show a much balance and consistent team with skills way much better than the Malaysian team but somehow, the Malaysian team prove me wrong and came back winning the game after being left a goal behind.

Last night, with the advantage of playing at home ground. They prove people wring again. Just as we thought they would hold on defending the score and ensuring the ticket to the final, the lose it in a humiliating 4-1 defeat. What's worse is the stadium is filled with Malaysian fans who almost have no faith on the team before this.

What went wrong? It's your home ground, in front of many of your own fans and playing with an advantage score in hand. What happened to the team?

Here's my guess of excuses (based on previous excuses we've heard from the Malaysian soccer news)

1. The coach is not competent enough (as what they said to Claude Le Roy before who then brought Senegal to World Cup Final)

2. The team was nervous playing in front of huge crowd (oh.. really??)

3. "Kena buatan orang.." (now where did I heard that it at a wedding or something like that..)

Whatever the reasons are. Buck up Malaysian Team. Enough with stupid humiliation you've caused. We don't mind losing if you fight hard enough to win. But, judging from last night's game, you didn't work hard enough. Maybe some allowance and benefit cut would do the trick. It would be worth to spend it to the Tsunami victims.

Anyway, just admit it. Indonesian team is a much better side. Isn't it?


p.s I wonder if last night's ticket collection would be shared with the Tsunami Disaster Fund...