Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Rokwilneberdai!!! (try make sense out if this one)

I accompany Loloq last Sunday to Taiping where he'll be acting for a scene in a new comedy film about the 80's rock scene in Malaysia. And the scene shot on that day (or night..) was the end scene for the movie where, rock bands compete against each other to be the champion in Battle of the Bands.

Image hosted by
All the guitars used for the movie

This is where many cameo appearences involved. Among them are Shidee of Dead Mushroom, Zua XPDC, Loloq and S Amin Shahab.

But the most important featured personalities for that scene was the judge for the 'competition' who are none other than Amy Search, Man Kidal of Lefthanded and the man who crafted the film 'Kembara Seniman Jalanan' himself.. the outspoken and talented Nasir Jani.

Image hosted by
L-R Amy Search, Nasir Jani (that's not his real hair)and Man Kidal

Being around the set.. just gave the feeling as if time stood still and there's still marks from tht 80's rock scene that started a new wave in the Malaysian music scene.

Anyway, how many of you guilty for being involved in the 80's Heavy Metal era?.. directly or indirectly... Anybody??

Imigine this.. tight jeans, long blown hair, hi-cut sneakers (preferably 'kasut Aliph'), chain necklace, eye-liner, rock chicks, leather jacket, v-shape electric guitar, band emblem, high pitch wailing.. and the list will go on and on...


Thursday, 19 May 2005

If only Proton Saga is complete too..

It's Star Wars fever everywhere. Media reporting about it. People are talking about it. Darth Vader's billboard flooding the city as if he's running for an election here.. and finally the Saga is complete, after almost 30 years influencing the mind of many. (If there's anymore episodes after this, call them Knight, Iswara, Wira and Satria from now)

So, I'm definitely not going to miss this movie (yeah.. like I said to many other movies before and still missed it..) OK, this time I will make sure I'm not going to miss the movie.

There's 2 things related to Star Wars that I really dream of doing. I've been constantly talking about it with my friends for as long as I can remember.

1. I really hope they organise a Star Wars movie marathon. From Episide 1 up to the final episode. I would definitely want to take that challenge and see how long I could last throughout the movie marathon. Anybody interested to join me if they organise that? Any takers?

2. If there's one Star Wars collectibles that I want to have, it would be a Chewbacca Head Mask. Yes, you read that right. It's Chewbacca Head Mask. Darth Vader and the Stormtroopoers are overrated. So too of being a Jedi. Now, Chewwie is the unsung hero. hehe...

Now, I found only one place that sells the Mask and to my dissapointment, it's a latex mask (Kau ingat aku budak-budak ke?).. Give me the real furry mask. The fur should not be real fur, but as long as it have a furry effect on it.. I want it!! (*ehem* .. my birthday is next month, anybody want to buy me this mask?)

Just imagine, how cool can it be, driving my car at night wearing Chewbacca Head Mask. Isn't it? Imagine stopping at a traffic light full of Mat Rempits on your side. Let see how many of them fell from their bikes. Cool isn't it?

Better still, practice growling like Chewbacca..

While Star Wars busy making hype around the world, I'm busy pushing all my work done to an earlier deadline. Which also means, my previously planned work trip to Jakarta and Bandung is now being pushed to June. Damn it...They better don't push it again comes June.

That's all for now people. May The Force Be With You.


p.s Oh Shut up and Sit Down Lord Vader.. You're too black and your breath stinks.. :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Lower than cheap thrills...

Been all crazy will the paperworks and plans that need to be done, I end up spending my weekend in the office (yes, I know. I don't have a life..) Since the time spent was only limited inside the office, I start doing some internet recreation (can I call that?)..

So there I was, in the office, with the PC having 2 powerpoint files opened, 1 word document opened, 1 Yahoo Messenger, 1 MSN Messanger and 4 Firefox Browser, all open simultanously... (now you see where the word 'recreation' comes in).

So, after a few hours of cracking my head out. I decided to give it a rest and start a past time activity, i.e Browsing thru friendster (well, that's nearest substitute to watching people at the mall)..

Played around with my profile, played around with what other new functions Friendster had to offer and suddenly I found THIS section on my page

Popular searches in my network

1. nabila-amy search
2. ramas kawan
3. jeslina hashim
4. isteri stim
5. meraba kesedapan
6. cute malaysia ladies
7. aku berasmara dengannya
8. tidak bercoli
9. 3G contents
10. nokia 6230

Now, FROM MY NETWORK?? Can somebody tell me which low-lifer in my network that would search all that? (and apa daa kesedapan??) They searches was in Malay (not that I hate the language) but come on..even the standard of 'Bahasa Melayu' written there is like a standard 1 kampung kid trying out porn search while skipping school, and from the way the searches was typed in, you know these so called 'network friends' are either having severe brain damage or having an IQ below 3.

Now, for those of you who are in my friendster's list, you'll know that about more than 50% of my lists are in a way educated, cultured (no no.. not vitagen cultured..) and generally I know them personally (at the very least, have met them before)

So tell me, how the hell did this happened? I wonder..


p.s err.. Jeslina Hashim??? what's wrong with these people???

Friday, 13 May 2005

The beginning is the end is the beginning..

Once in every lifetime (at least), we'll come to a point where we wonder where these things we've done, we're doing and we're going to do leads us to. At that moment, some might reshuffle everything and start doing different stuffs, some may just regret the past and moan over it as if there's no tomorrow. Others just look back, learn their lesson and move on.

Me? I don't really know where I'm standing. So far, it seems life is pretty good. Not as good as I hope for but I'm not regretting any of it.

I always believe that 'everything happens for a reason'. Cliche as it sounds because it's been used and abused too many, but the statement is true. Dig deeply inside you and learn from the past, you'll understand the exact meaning of the statement.

We heard a lot about 'you'll get what you want if you want it bad enough'. Now, that's another statement that I also believe is true. The problem is most of us just don't realise that. So far, all that I ever wanted to do, I actually had the chance to do it. It may seems almost impossible for somebody like me to get it but somehow, time will come for me to get the opportunity.

Let's think about this 2 quotes :-

'everything happens for a reason'


'you'll get what you want if you want it bad enough'

Once, we understand these 2 lines, who knows.. maybe we'll live happier and achieve those things that we ever wanted in life even faster. At the very least, we could minimise complaining or blaming others and start looking for ways to improve ourselves. Maybe..

Here's part of the lyrics from the chorus of Fathul's new song, hopefully release in Mid-June. The song is still work-in-progress at the moment.

"Ku percaya segala kata bicara
Ku yakin pada rasa cinta ini
Sayang teruskanlah setia.."

Actually, even the lyric is work-in-progress. Only that part is confirmed..hahaha..


p.s OH, It's Friday the 13th.. as well as May 13th. Hmm...

Monday, 9 May 2005

Dibawah Telapak Kaki Ibu.

The strongest person that I've known in my life. Here's the reason why..

Image hosted by

- Raising 3 naughty and mischievous boys perfectly to be a better person in life. (at the very least, 2 of them, other than myself, are already great people)

- A great cook. At least the huge family of Hj Othman clans love your Laksa Johor, Kuih Lapis and Cheesecake cross buns.

- A fighter and survivor. I can still remember how you handle taking care of Abah when he faced his first Stroke in 1991. I can still remember how you deal with it strongly, patiently when none if us knew what to do next.

- Facing her cancer and glaucoma as is she staring at it right to their face. She's fighting it well. Not to worry too much about it yet not to lose hope.

TO MAMA, I might not be able to express it well, but you're the best mother anybody would have. Even the cousins will agree to that.

You are more than any words can decribe.

From your sons, your grandaughters, your daughter-in-law and relatives.. with all our heart.


Saturday, 7 May 2005

So little time... so much to do...

I got so many things need to be done. I got so man things in my mind to take care. I also got some personal matters (no, not that!) to clear off and done before final week of May. What I hope now is, I got enough time, energy and mental strengh to face all that and get it done in time.

While I'll deal with all those things, which I hope I'll get everything settled at a much stable level.. Here's a song that's been a companion to me throughut this whole week. ENJOY


"Bury it
I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it"


p.s I guess, when logic can't comprehend the situation at the moment of time. It is best to trust the instinct. Isn't it?