Saturday, 30 July 2005

The End is The Beginning is The End

We definitely survive the complete first month staying at this newly rented apartment in Bandar Sri Damansara. First month review, the place is cozy with nice surroundings and view from the balcony. (tak percaya?.. tengok gambar ni)

from this angle (not thru camera) you can actually see the top tier of KLCC Twin Tower

the is another view from my balcony. We can actually see the lightings for Genting Highlands from my apartment.

End of first month, end of the month at the end of week. While those 'endings' makes positive remarks of thoughout during it's period of time. Somehow, to begin the weekend, the new month and the coming week, there's sign that it's not going to be an easy one.

I've been looking forward for this weekend. Plans been made, all eager for a total leisure trip to South which I badly needed, only to know that our salary miss the clearance which we have no choice but to wait for Monday.

By that, it would also means, I'm now caught with absolutely no plans for the weekend, if I plan to do something, I need to make sure it does not involve money, and hope this lousy beginning would end up nicely (if not great..)

Anyway, while still in the 'End and Beginning' spirit, I'll just make some shout outs..

1. Chics - She was my assistant here who ends her time working with us here yesterday. She will begin to work in a HR company somewhere in Phileo Damansara this Monday. I wish you all the best in the new company. I'm sure you'll do great there.

2. Lissa - Lissa (my sister - according to nyonya Taman U) also ended her time working with a 'gomen' institution in JB. She'll be working in KL starting this coming Monday to pursue into things that would meant more to her. You've made your choice and I'm sure it will go superbly according to your plans.

3. Sheryl - Ending her working week with a training on 'Whistle Blowing'(ok..I still wonder what's tht all abt..). She'll be heading to Singapore, together with Lissa, where plans were made to spend time with CK, FK and their baby Y. (sila tapau nasi dagang balik ke Malaysia..)

4. CK, FK, and Yasmin - It is obvious isn't it? You got guest coming this weekend. If only that little problem didn't occur, you'll see my face smack right in front of your door today. I'm claiming m Nasi Dagang from Singapore..

Oh well, that's all I know about friends and their plans. Hope all of you will have wonderful moments this weekends.

Me?? I might just turn to zombie and 'virtualise' myself in front of this PC. Happy Weekends...


p.s Air Asia's price promotion for September bookings is now on. I'm toying with the idea of going to Bandung or maybe Bangkok now..hmm...

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Steal My Pain Away..

‘Cause I’m broken when I’m open
And I don’t feel like I am strong enough

So why I put this video up? I like this video by Seether featuring Amy Lee (no.. she's not related to Lissa) Not many videos that sets in somekind of dumpster and still look nice. (I know none from Malaysia)Yet, this video manage to do just that.

Somehow, it does seems like a visual metaphor... "no matter how bad the world can be, angel can be together with the beast" (sedap aku je panggil Seether tu beast.. hahaha)


Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Weekend in Tanjung Puteri

I was in JB last weekend. Yes,I should put this entry much earlier. But what is such entry without pictures right? So, other than sending Dimas, my housemate back to his old apartment in Singapore, other than meeting my parents and spoilt myself with mom's home cooking. (and mom's choice of food bought from outside..) I took a chance to meet to wonderful people in JB, Lissa and Sheryl and was brought for dinner to this wonderful eating place called Yew's Place.

This pictures would be evidences, how superb the food was..

Delicious isn't it? Drooling already?? Now here are the pictures that shows I'm not alone in finishing all those food (I appreciate good food.. tapi aku bukan pelahap). Evidences that I'm here with Sheryl and Lissa.

OK.. I did mention that I was with Sheryl and Lissa. So "where's Lissa?" you may ask..?? My answer would be "yang belakang camera tu siapa lagi.. Lissa la". This time, my papparazi skills to take Lissa's picture failed miserably.

It was a wonderful outing. We should do that again. NEXT STOP.. TEMASEK!!(ANIS.. jangan jealous!!)


Tuesday, 26 July 2005

This is the Real Deal

It is and has been the oldest reality show in Malaysia. Full of drama, suspense, conflicts, controversy, rage and stupidity. Participants shows their full potential manipulating the situation in any ways possible to be in the lime light. Some seek for attention. Some seek for popularity. While others may seek for justice, consent, favour or anything that they can possibly think of.

Showing off their skills is a must to gain support. From reciting self-written 'pantun', singing patriotic songs, to even becoming a stand-up comedian, they have done it all. Some even go to the extend of buttering-up the chairperson or higher authority with their sweet talks on stage.

Despite all that fiasco, some does make a lot of sense and I personally admire them. Some others, on the other hand, are just showing plain brainless effort in a desperate attempt to be known and later bringing certain upgraded ranks back home when all these ended.

Another talent search reality show you might think? You might be right. But this is not your ordinary reality show. It is the oldest reality show in Malaysia. It has a strong followings throughout the country. It has it's own fanitic supporters in red and white. There are even supporters' merchandise for sale outside the hall. What can be more interesting than this show? What other show can even match the loyalty of the these fans? It even get strong media attention with front page coverage. No other reality show can even came near to this show.

Welcome to ultimate challenge of all reality show. Welcome to 'The Perhimpunan'.. *insert your own theme song here*

Suggestion : How about having SMS votes and panel of critics in the next season. That would be more interesting isn't it? At least it will cover some of the cost highly spent. :)


p.s Oh shut up Mr Opposition, what are you smiling at? You're no different than they are.. so stop thinking I'm with you guys.. hehe..

*note : at least aku update apa??.. give it a thought...

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Anger Management in Session??

What?? It's already Tuesday? Time dies fly does it? Just like what happen to the 7th station that just celebrated their 7th anniversary on the 7th day of the 7th month.. only to know it is up for sale to another media house 7 days later.. (berapa banyak tujuh daa...??.. Hey, that can be a trivia question..)

Anyway, enjoy this new video from Rob Thomas. Those of you who knows me well would realise that despite of my overall passion to music, my inclination is more towards those with outstanding vocal delivery. (which in a sense, after watching AF concert for the first time last week, I don't see any logical reason on Mawi's high voting.. he sucks..sorry) Oh well, you people wouldn't care of my oppinion anyway, keep voting folks, at least we'll know some other people will get rich from it.

Back to the video, as interesting as it can be, and superb acting by Rob (ok, aku la mawas..excuse me.. Mawi), this is just another case of how video storyboard did not tally with the story in the lyrics. Not unusual case though. Many video does not tally with their lyrics anyway. But, the interesting part of the story on the video was the 'running away' scene. describe it as 'attack of the clone' elements (too much Star Wars, I assume). On the other hand, the 'terencat akal' of me, describe it as the fear from your own shadow.

People do have fears, people sometimes do face low self-esteem and people are also sometimes paranoid of their own past. Which got them trying to run away from it. Still, the best way to run away from those things are actually to acknowledge it and face it head on.

This is not the first video that says about the fear of your own shadow. M Nasir's Mentera Semerah Padi also desribe the same story. (ye ke, orang melayu buat dulu..nahh.. mana boleh..) But, that's the truth.

Somehow, the lyric facinates me first. You don't come across such angry lyric with good reasoning everyday. If only such lines are said clearly 5 years ago.. It will definitely exlain it well...

You're not the best thing that I knew
Never was never cared too much
For all this hanging around
It's just the same thing all the time
Never get what I want
Never get too close to the end of the line
You're just the same thing that I knew back before the time
When I was only for you


Wednesday, 13 July 2005

URGENT : We want you!!

THIS IS URGENT. I'm looking for guy talents to be on a TV commercial as part of a rock band performing on stage.


1. He should have a interesting appearance.
2. Age between 18 to 30 years.
3. Have basic skills in playing any music instrument played on a rock band.
4. Excellent personality and would love to earn RM800 for the shoot.

Those interested, please submit a simple biodata of yourself and a clear picture of yourself by email to

: 10:00am tomorrow (YES, 14th July)

Those selected will be needed to be available for shooting of the ad on the first week of August.

. Helping a friend here.


p.s I've announced all that needed to know. So, I'm sorry but I will not entertain any inquiries for further info.

Friday, 8 July 2005

YOU'LL NEVER KNOW - Maybe you got talent!!

Remember my announcement before this? Yes, we are AUDITIONING AGAIN!!..(NO, Not another reality/talent show.. you will not be judge by public voting)

Before I do that, for the record, my condolences to the victims of London bomb attacks and families. Just to make it clear, I am (and I know many would agree) positively confident that it is not caused by any Muslim group. As it is the religion of peace, such act, even if claimed responsible to any Islamic movement, automatically indicates that the people responsible are not Islamic. (which got me wonder, thoughout the G8 summit, none of the G8 intelligence saw this coming? not at all? really?)

BACK TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling for all aspiring TV Game Show Host. We're looking for a suitable candidate to host an interactive TV Game show which will be aired on Malaysian Free-To-Air TV.

Details as follows:-

Date :- 16th July 2005 (Not tomorrow, NEXT Saturday)
Time :- 10am - 4pm
Venue:- InteractTV AP Sdn Bhd,
8Q, 3rd Floor, Wisma SPS,
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.


- Female
- Age between 23 - 35
- Smart, independent and pleasant personality (I'm serious..)
- Able to communicate well in Malay (priority) and English (secondary)

Bring along to the audition:-

1. IC
2. Photo of yourself (1 copy)
3. Your interesting personality.

Those interested, please come to the above address within the time stated.

For more info, email me at or leave a Message HERE.



* There's more shows to be produced later, in which, priority will be given to those who attend next week's audition (auditioning cost us lot of time and money.. really).

* My not-so-intelligent mind think that somebody is avoiding the pressure of Live 8 demands by deviating world focus back to 'terrorism'.. and suddenly, he speaks! :)

One more thing, anybody interested to be an feature writer on internet?

pictures: from

Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Are you gone and on to someone new?

Has someone taken your faith?
It’s real, the pain you feel
Your trust?
You must confess
Is someone getting the best of you?
Has someone taken your faith?
It’s real, the pain you feel
The life, the love you’d die to heal
The hope that starts the broken heart
Your trust? You must confess
Is someone getting the best of you?

Best of You - Foo Fighters

May all the pain we felt deep inside does not prevent us from moving on for the better. Aminn..


Monday, 4 July 2005

Snap your fingers!! (and somebody dies..)

It was an emotional weekend. There's laughters of hopes in almost all major cities in the world. There's also tears of sadness too. In London, Edinburgh, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Toronto and Philadephia, millions of people gather for Live 8, a concert with one reason: Urging the G8 leaders to tackle the problem of poverty with the slogan 'Make Poverty History'.

In Kuala Lumpur, people gather for the launch of Citrawarna, to mobilise our tourism campaign while in Putrajaya, tears and laughter also shared the same ground with the slogan 'Menuju Puncak'.

Now, those of you who watched Live 8 in whatever medium, would agree that it is not just another concert. It is also not just another awareness campaign and it is not just another rally against governing leaders. It's not about all that. I see it as the ultimate benchmark of the humanity and morality level in each and every one of us. Bob Geldof and friends do it in the way they know best. Organising an aid concert with more substance than just mere statement.

I know, it's not our problem. I know, that does not mean they didn't care (they would after care right after knowing who'll be eliminated next).I know, our artiste are not involved in Live 8 at all. But, is that all that matters?

Think about this: when tsunami hit our region, everybody comes to help. Can we do the same for others?

If we have the chance to chance history, what would we do? How would we do it?

"Today, we are here to declare our Interdependence" - Will Smith

..and interdependence shall we'll be.

NO, I'm not saying we can't enjoy life and have fun. But, do your bit on this. Who knows, it will enlighten not just the lives of the people in Africa but yours too.



p.s I wonder if we could get Faria Alam to share her 'hard-earned' income..(naah...)