Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Arrest this man. He talks in maths...

KARMA POLICE - Radiohead (click to watch the video)

For the 48th time around, the nation is celebrating National Day. Tonight, expect some stunning performances, blasts of fireworks, massive human gathering in all main venues thoughout all major cities in Malaysia. There'll be live telecast of tonight's countdown in all Local television available. All this and more for what we call 'appreciating' the meaning of MERDEKA.

Last year on the same date, 5 minutes before the countdown, I questioned on the real meaning of Merdeka. The real question still remains till now.. "Are We Truely Merdeka?"

Give some thoughts. Evaluate the life we've been and things that we've been through, and ask yourself "AM I??".

After that, it's time to choose.. the red pill or the blue pill.



p.s Front page of Kosmo reports about the controversial incident involving a part-time model posing for a local magazine with only Jalur Gemilang Flag covering your body. As much as I agree she's guilty for doing so, I sure hope she's not the only one to blame. PLEASE.. Get the publication, editor, photographer to apologise too.. If that is not done, then don't make it an issue at all.

Monday, 29 August 2005

That's an advance level question..

This company was run and manage by 3 ex-university freinds. Apparently, my director's wife knows me (both of them from the same University) from our involvement with the Adventure and Recreation Team. So, I got invitation to attend the annual bowling tournament of team's alumni last 2 weeks and almost all the key people of the team was there.

Of course they were surprise by my attendance since I'm quite 'out of reach' after University years. As a result, many ask about how's I've been and what have I been doing over the years. (of course, the TV incident was part of it too..damn..)

The best part is, it seems I'm the only Bachelor there. All of them were there either bringing their family along, or came alone but married. And out of curiosity, many would ask me

"Dah berapa sekarang?"

"what?" I replied

"Anak laa.."

Immediately, my answer to that is..

"Woo.. tu advance level tu.. beginners level pun tak lepas lagi ni"

My director's wife.. who is quite a close friend back in University.. splurt out

"eh, I thought you're with ..**** " (Thank you for reminding me of that)

"that was long ago.. long story..5 years ago.."

Whatever it is, all those questions are too advance for me. Hey, I'm happy to see all of you with your family. Jangan lompat Kertas 3. Kertas 1 pun tak pass lagi la.. Jauh lagi tuu..


Sunday, 28 August 2005

Road Less Travelled Revisited

Those of you who've been reading my nonsense since last year might remember my dream of creating this TV show. Yes, back then when I came up with the idea, I just don't know where will I air it and most of all.. will the idea ever take off.

Guess what? I got the approval to take it to another level. Wooohooo.. (lari keliling meja and do the rain dance). So, here I am on Sunday, in the office.. (yes, I know.. orang gila je kerja hari Ahad) smiling all the way coz my show will be on soon.

If you read about the show before.. this time it is more than what I've planned. Hopefully, I could pull this off nicely..


p.s Zan, if you're reading this. Wanna team up? I know you're eager to go crazy with new projects..

Friday, 26 August 2005

To be yourself is all that you can do


It is definitely an honor to work with the pioneer of Mainstream Nasyid, which also hold the unbeatable album sales record of more than 660,000 copies in Malaysia for their debut album. (If you don't believe this fact, you can verify this at RIM office)

Shooting for their next video which will be on air during the month of Ramadhan. They are also preparing for their world tour (yes, you read this right) starting this year end after great response from thier performances in France, South Africa and last month's show in Toronto.

We are also honored to be the official channel to air all their international performances.

Welcome to ANSAR Channel. This is just the beginning..

p.s Now I wonder which part of us is terrorising again...?

Thursday, 25 August 2005

Someday we'll know

We just settled shooting part of Raihan's new video which will be aired for this coming Ramadhan. The shoot took place at our in-house studio at Jalan Imbi. Basically, the shooting here just involve the group performing in front of a green screen. We're not incharge of the production actually. Just providing facilities and assistance.

Anyway, I practically live in the office now. Only got out of the office to take a short break and freshen up. The MiTV launch is less than 2 weeks from now. So, things getting a bit hectic now. Not that I can't do anything else, but whatever I do, I need to be around the office.

It's going to be a very hard thing to pull off. We're creating a TV channel in a way nobody dares to do. Unconventinal to some.. maybe crazy to some others.

Someday we'll know..


Tuesday, 23 August 2005

We crucify the insincere tonight. Tonight!

It had been a while since I had such quality moment with my family. The last time we got everybody together in one place was about 4 to 5 months ago (I lost count, by the way).

So, as we say it in Malay, "terubat rasa rindu" to my family. The people that should be the priority in our live. Because of them, we are what we are now. Because of them, we perceive the world the way we are now. Because of them, we still live till now. Family is the real last line of defense. When nobody in this world can be there for you for whatever reason they have, family will still be there.

Anyway, last weekend was the convocation for my brother. Finally manage to get his Masters in Finance that he's been dreaming of, which in the end he's didn't just got the masters, he was awarded the Best Student for the course. I'm definitely proud of his achievement. (If BNM didn't get you promoted.. they are indeed idiots now)

Aren't they cute??..

They might not be the perfect people on the planet. But they definitely means the world to me.


Monday, 22 August 2005

Got to know where you're coming from..

Previous entry title taken from a line of this song performed by Live. Here's the video and lyrics. Enjoy it, appreciate it and understand the story behind the lyrics.

In a meantime, excuse me to settle a few things in the office and I'll be back with photos and story on the weekend.


"Looks like I've lost my will to carry on, my friend" she said
And you can hear it in my whispered cries for love
I need your blissful touch to carry me away again
So can we roll tonight, roll through your desert, can we start over and just...

Run away, run away tonight
It aint no victory, but I don't care, I don't care if its wrong or right
We can just run away, run away tonight
It aint no victory but I don't care, I don't care if its wrong or right

"Looks like I've lost my will to carry on, my friend" she said
I'm like a posse that's been ridin' for days
I've got the scars to prove that love has had its day and it's way with me
So can we roll tonight, roll through your desert, can we start over and just...

Run away, run away tonight
It aint no victory but I don't care, I don't care if its wrong or right
We can just run away, run away tonight
It aint no victory but I don't care, I don't care if its wrong or right

This ain't no night to be on your own
You've got to know where you're coming from
To know just where you're goin', lord
You've got to know where you're coming from
This ain't no night to be on your own

Run away, run away tonight
It aint no victory but I don't care, I don't care if its wrong or right
We can just run away, run away tonight
It aint no victory but I don't care
I don't care I don't care I don't care I don't care
Run away
Run away
Run away

Friday, 19 August 2005

scars to prove that love has had its day and it's way with me..

So, my director made funny gestures today. We've known each other since University years and today he came with some friendship proofs. Here it is..

Gosh.. I miss the old days. I only hope the brotherhood stays strong among us.

Anyway, here's a song that reminds me of those years..

Interstate Love Song
Waiting on a sunday afternoon
For what I read between the lines,
Your lies.
Feelin’ like a hand in rusted shame
So do you laugh or does it cry?

Leavin’ on a southern train
Only yesterday you lied,
Promises of what I seemed to be
Only watched the time go by,
All of these things you said to me.

Breathing is the hardest thing
To do. with all I’ve said and
All that’s dead for you,
You lied - good bye

Leavin’ on a southern train
Only yesterday you lied
Promises of what I seemed to be
Only watched the time go by,
All of these things I said to you.


p.s The photo is 10 years old now. Sorry.. tak terang.

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Central Intelligence Trivia...

I should have post this up earlier. This photo was taken last Thursday Night. Exactly a week ago. The night when my car broke down. The night before my planned journey back south.. The only evidence taken from Luncai Emas Studio, Sungai Buloh. I don't need to have mine...Have fun...

This picture only comes from my old 7650. If you see this anywhere else. You know where it came from. Most probably, taken from here without permission.


p.s Eh.. iye iye jee.. korang tahu ke siapa ni?

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

August and Everything After

(Due to internet connectivity problems at the office on Monday, this entry end up posted today..)
So I reached KL at 5:30am. Not bad for for a 12:30am bus from JB which end up leaving the city at about 1am.. Don't ask me how's the journey. I was already asleep as soon as the bus move out from the station.

As expected, I could not get hold of my friend to pick me up. Luckily, my office is just walking distance from Puduraya. So I decided to just go to the office and start my day straight away. (I do have spare clothes and toiletries in the office for emergency)

A mixture of good and bad news. The good news comes from the office. Here are the headlines.. (woohoo.. macam news)
1. It's official, our TV channel will be aired on MiTV, the second pay-TV provider in Malaysia. As it is for now, we would be one of the first Malaysian cable-format channel.

2. It is official, we're expanding our workforce. Will be setting up another TV studio soon, outside of the city. Will be employing a few more staffs. Will be adding a few more eqiupments and will begin our production soon.

3. Two online portals will be up soon. Not going to mention about it in details here at the moment, but do wait for it to be up and running.

4. There's 5 of us who pioneered this project. Latest updates, we are no longer a full-time employee of the company. Instead, we are also partly owners of the company (woohooo...) Having more power in decision making, having more room to execute ideas and best of all.. still having our salary at the end of the month (we decided not to have any increament among us till end of the year)

5. I was offered to get a new car. A 4WD if possible. The company will help part of the financial... (still considering since I don't think I need that at the moment)

6. I'm off to produce a few programmes in a week or two.

7. 3G contents up soon.. woohoo.

Now here's the bad news..

1. Exhausted over the weekend. I can't even smile when I heard all that in our meeting (in fact, I don't really listen to it until it was repeated again..)
2. Internet connection was down today. TM Net to blame. And my groggy self was totally pissed off by the situation.

3. Only half of the things that I planned today managed to be done. The rest remain unsettled.

4. With ourselves partly owning the business now, NO MORE WEEKENDS. In fact, it is now work 24/7. (as if there's any weekends before this anyway..)

5. Body-ache, mind exhaustion and fatigues are signalling me to slow down when we need to speed up at the moment. (not a good sign.. not a good sign..)

OK.. so, with these mixture, I don't really know if I should be happy, should I be worried, or maybe paranoid to the world. I opted to stick to the initial plans that based on our passions and hold to it till it succeed. Until that happen, it's just another day living in this world. Me and my semi-robotic self.


p.s In this well-organised cruel world, all I hope is that I could stay focus on this project and make sure it will be a success. For once, I would love to able to share some success to as many people as I can, particularly my family. Aminn..

Sunday, 14 August 2005

All the flashes.. newsflash, flash floods and macromedia flash (and camera flash too..)

OK.. I got somthing better to write here. But, that would take a while before those things can be put up online. (malas sebenarnya..)

Anyway, just to keep this blog from being stale, here are some questions to think about.. (in life)

1. How would we actually know that the time has come for us to move on?

2. WHen should we actually decide that enough is actually enough and we don't want to be associate in any particulars, what so ever..anymore?

3. How do you know.. that.. it is the right time for anything?

4. How would you know, if it is fate, coincidences or just an cause to move to other big things in life?

5. How would you know if you're destined for anything?

6. How would we know that the life system that we live in is not being controlled by others, other than God himself?

7. Is it possible for us to be free from all this systems we called 'culture', 'norms', 'traditions', 'habits' and other terms similar to those..?

8. What if we are ableto take control of our own life as a whole. The freedom to choose and the freedom to decide wat we like to do and what we like to be.. is there any chance?

So, in the spirit of National Day, (all of us, Malaysians, Singaporeans and Indonesians) the day we declare ourselves as 'Independent', how about we give some thoughts to these questions? Let see if we are still trap within our own 'prison'.. shall we?


p.s Think.. and feel it in your heart.. and you shall find..

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Ugly Malaysians.. Are we?

No, I'm not making a parody of the upcoming reality show on 8tv. And No, I'm not trying to promote any makeover services..

Bump into this article on The Sunday Times last weekend with the title 'Rumour and the Ugly Malaysian'. The article discussing around the issue of rumours, being the rumour-monger and how most foreign diplomats sees us as being 'obsessed with rumours'
It is not the first time. And it will not be the last. Rumour mongering is an age-old affliction affecting every society. Only, in Malaysia, we seem to have too much of it.

Somehow, I found myself agreeing to his statement.

Written by the Chief Editor of The Sunday Times, he also added in the later in the article..
This is a country that has a large share of people ready to believe in anything, and this is a country where there is a larger proportion than norm of people who take delight in spreading vile rumours and slander.
Again, I found myself agreeing to his statement.

Maybe it's time for all of us to think deeper and educate ourselves in selecting any info we receive by judging the merit of it's content. Yes, at most time small issues which are too small to make a big fuss, end up being a hot topic to talk about due to unnecessary addition to the info just 'to spice things up'

They may wonder what makes most of us 'obsessed' over rumours. My best bet to this answer would be .. our own proveb stating "the tree would shake if there's no wind blowing".. and unconciously through tradition we believe that "it must be the wind every time we see the tree shaking" without realising that in this world of many virtual and artificial product.. "the tree might shake coz there's a bunch of stupid monkeys shaking the tree really hard right under the tree".. or maybe.."the tree does not exist at all.. it's just another halogram design"
Come on.. we have other better things to do than this. Let's just move on by thinking of something better for us to do rather than bringing down others.. shall we?


Monday, 8 August 2005

Mawas, termawas dan dimawaskan..

Some of you caught me red-handed (I got about 7-8 SMS immediately after that) on TV attentding the AF3 final concert. Obviously, coz I was there accompanying Loloq and seated smack right at the front row aong with Hattan, Afdlin Shauki, Johan Nawawi and others. Being the lyricist for the beautifully crafted song for Mawi (at one point we even ask M Nasir if Mawi can actually handle such song..),As much as we would want to avoid being there, Loloq definitely can't do that. Which as a result, for a favor to a favor, left me with no choice but to accompany (wait for our upcoming project soon.. hehe)

So, there you go. The whole reason of how I was there. (hey, I was one of the pioneer team in starting AF anyway..)

What to say about AF3? That's the second concert that I watched throughout the whole season. and this is what I have to say.

Felix : the second song didn't do justice to that poor guy. (lagu ala-ala perempuan kau bagi kat felix.. it's the composer to blame..)

Amylea : Standing ovation it is for the rocking performance (no.. not her, that little girl, who came out of no where to rock the stage with her.. haha)

Marsha : Cun ?? Who? oh that girl.. Sorry, I'm not concentrating. Was too busy oogling her backing dancers..(hahaha.. dasar lelaki normal..)

Mawi : Not bad.. (*pray* please let him win..please. I want to get out of the stadium alive and in one piece. There'll definitely be a huge 'reformasi-like' riot if he didn't win.)

In a way, I was quite dissapointed over the overall outcome.(see the word.. 'overall') It could have been a better.

Anyway, my CONGRATULATIONS to Astro for making it a huge success. It's not easy to get people spending money more than they should spend on entertainment, without the parent scolding them, without any extra benefit and without other solid product in hand at the end of the day. Just pure fantasy. Congratulations..


p.s Reminded me of the movie 'The Truman Show' led by Jim Carrey. No matter how glued all of us to the show, watching the progress day-by-day, when the show actually ends.. there's a sense of huge relieve in many of us. Feeling thankful for being plugged-off from the 'reality' system. The fiction on Truman Show seems to be real now..

Thursday, 4 August 2005

Malam Jumaat Sebegini..

Body aching badly. The result after playing futsal with the officemates and the guys from TV3. Bad sportman that I am, I skipped warming up before entering the court and start playing aggresively. (dah tahu badan tu tak kuat macam dulu.. lagi nak buat perangai..)..

Anyway, here's a first step back to regular sports activities. Not a healthy start since it started on a hazy day in KL. (hey, at least I did it..)

The after effect of the game? Let just say I came in to the office at 6pm today and straight to the company meeting.

So, to kill the guilts off me, I'll be doing my work till midnight. :)

ON ANOTHER NOTE .. Anybody miss our dear Miss Lissa Karina? Anybody?? Those of you who regularly visited her blog would notice that she's kinda MIA at the moment. Reason being, she's now on her first week with her new job in one of the oldest instituition in Malaysia and busy with adjusting her life in KL since her move from JB.

I got a chance to meet her for a drink yesterday. and she's sends her warmest regards to all of you who kows her. She'll be back once everything settled.


p.s PC Fair is back this weekend with bigger bargain and bigger venue.. woohooo..

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Spot The Difference..

Got some personal errands to settle. So, I went to the building behind me... things got settled. Try to do some window shopping (well, more of observing people actually..) and see what other things that famous shopping mall has got to offer..

Note to self : Next time, don't ever do that again. Too many tempting items to buy, unfortunately, I don't think I would want to risk my month end with no money.. but but..

- the DVD player is only RM198
- the acoustic guitar is Australian made and only RM199
- various DVD at RM8 per piece
- Nokia 8860 looks really good.

OH well, shut this mind from thinking further and just buy the bluetooth dongle. (dah tak dapat tumpang chics punya.. kena beli sendiri laa..)

Anyway, spot the difference.. (location not counted)...if you can.



Monday, 1 August 2005

Hijrah itu Perlu..

Do I sound like a good person?? Well, sounding like one does not mean the person is one. Outer looks can be deceiving at most times. (haha.. I will not try to be a philosopher)

Still, Hijrah to the better is needed from time to time. Right? Because, if it is to make things better. Let's look to some of the Hijrah we made over the past few weeks.

1. I move to a new apartment in Sri Damsansara. (sewa je... beli belum mampu)
2. My niece Hanan Afiqah enrolled to her play-school in UIA (baru masuk sekolah dah international)
3. My housemate, Dimas, the keyboardist of Bhumiband, quit his day-job in Singtel and move to KL to pursue his dreams in music.
4. My office shifted to a new renovated area at the same floor, for a more condusive workspace.
5. Chics, quit her job at my place for a job she wanted with better salary. (good luck!)
6. Lissa, end her contract job in JB to work in KL starting today (good luck to you too..)
7. AND.. more and more Tag-Board users are shifting to use other chat-box, since Tag-Board sucks!! (this is the whole point of this entry actually..hahahah...)

Anyway, Hijrah is needed when you opted for the better.. right? (OK, this does not apply on marriage.. you should act wisely before jumping to that)

SO.. WELCOME SHOUTBOX!!.. May you don't fail me like Tag Board just did..