Sunday, 30 October 2005

Raikan Kemenangan Aidiladha

It has been the most hectic Ramadhan for me this year. Life is nothing more than work, work and more work, even on the weekends. What the heck, it's for Aidilfitri and I'm not regretting any of it.

photo & model coutesy of Anisism Daud

May we celebrate the glory of Syawal in high spirit humanity.
May we are blessed with brilliant minds, wonderful heart and beautiful soul in facing our life ahead.
May we are strong enough to face any obstacles and challenges in life

most of all.. May we live peacefully and cherish every moment of it..

My wish. My prayers. My hope..
For me and for all of you. No matter where you are.
Thank you for the moments. It is truely an honour.


deep from the bottom of my heart..Minal Eid Wal Faidzin..

p.s I'll be driving back to JB tomorrow evening & on holiday for only a week. Hope to meet those who'll be in JB.

My offer to those who wants to tag along to JB tomorrow is still open. Anybody?

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Inilah Hari Kita. Tiada Lagi Rasa Ketakutan..

Things are getting a bit hectic than usual here. I practically live in the office now. Not regreting anything here. I chose to be where I am now.

Anyway, it's 9 days to Aidilfitri. It's the beginning of Malam Tujuh Likur. (and a week to go to Deepavali to those celebrating it..)

They say in Malam Tujuh Likur. There's a night called Lailatul Qadr.Your prayers will be granted. Your Doa will come true. Anything that you wish for if you happen to woke up that night will become a reality.

They say, the best prayers, the best Doa is when you're ask from Allah not just for you but for others as well.

Tonight, if it is the night of all nights, I pray for the well-being, the success, the peace and prosperity of my family, my relatives, my collegues and last but never the least friends that have been around me all these years, all around the world, wherever they are.

May God bless us all. Amiinnn..

Salam Dunia - M Nasir

Suara tangis yang kau dengar
Memecah hari kudus ini
Adalah aku
Mengenang pemilikmu

Kita pohon kemenangan
Meroboh kota keakuan
Ini saatnya
Yang kunanti-nanti

Mereka yang dilanda derita
Redhalah harimu kan tiba
Cahaya kekasih yang benar
Menghapus segala api kemarahan

Salam dunia
Salam semua
Salam Hari Raya
Bersinar akhirnya
Salam dunia
Salam semua
Salam Hari Raya
Bersinar akhirnya

Inilah hari kita
Tiada lagi rasa ketakutan


Friday, 21 October 2005

It's not that bad isn't it?

Sometimes the system goes on the blink
And the whole thing turns out wrong
You might not make it back and you know
That you could be well oh that strong
And I'm not wrong

Just want to let this out off the chest...

Life may seems unfair, but that's what makes it exciting. Isn't it? I mean, look at it in a different view.. If we've not been tested through hardship of life, if we're not been tested by God, we're definitely not what we are now? So, if we learn from it, we'll be better in any angles of life. And if we don't learn from it... maybe we'll be those cowards who turns bad and start blaming everything else in these world for not treating us nicely.

The truth is.. to hell with everything else. We are what we make of ourselves. And if the malay saying "Kubur masing-masing", then it would also best meant "and so does what you make out of your life.."

As long as we believe that the sun will always shine after the rain. As long as we believe that there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Then, there's always chances that our lives will be better after every hiccups of life.

Don't you think so? Then live..

p.s Al-Fatihah to Allahyarhamah Datin Seri Endon. May Allah blessed her souls. Have a blessed weekend evrybody.

Monday, 17 October 2005

Ape keghoje kome kat banda dighaje?

look at the mountains!!

Too many work. Too many work. It's more than all of us can handle now. Which is good, Alhamdulillah, because too many work is always better than have nothing to do at all. As a result to this, most of us are handling 3-4 projects at one time, which needs us to juggle all teh tasks well within the period given.. and pray that all things falls well in places. Either we juggle it like the next big media player or juggle it like the clown in the Royal Circus.


I just got back from Kuala Kangsar lat Sunday. I was there for 3 days accompanying Loloq to the location of his next film gig. Since I'll be there for 3 days, might as well make full use of the time to do some shooting myself. (No, I don't act). Mine project are much simpler, to go to Kuala Kangsar take shots of scenaries. The mountain scenaries, the village scenes and so on. Scenes which is quite impossible to get in the city.

it's never wrong to shop till you drop here.

Unfortunately, I only achieve to get half of the footages than what I'm targeted to achieve due to heavy rain in the earlier parts of the evening. Hey, half is always better than nothing right? I've planned a backup and now moving to plan B.

The famous bridge. Night view from the rest house.

Whatever it is, here are some of the photos taken from Kuala Kangsar. To view more, you can always click HERE

Loloq - taking his rockstar persona for the film.

May all of us have a superb week ahead.

p.s I'll be on top of Bukit Langat after Sahur later. The mission is to get a video footage (and some snapshots..) of sunrise over Klang Valley. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 13 October 2005

The Weird Elements (And So I've been Tagged..)

SO, I've been tagged by sweet little Naniz. I don't know what's the instruction for this Tag at first, but ok.. Thank you Naniz for explaning. THe bad habits and weird stuffs about me that not many people realise eh?. Alright, since this Tag came all the way from Singapore, these are the 'weird' stuffs that I can share (without anybody feeling too weird and run away)

1. I can eat everything except Tauge (or beansprout in 'omputih'). Seriously, I am a food appreciator. I appreciate all kinds of food without giving any unpleasant expressions. I eat all malay traditionals and 'kampung foods' too, without that 'I'm urban and kampung food is so yucky' kinda menggedik. But, no Tauge... maybe coz of the smell, maybe coz of bad experience in the past. I'm not quite sure why. But, when I'm having Mee Rebus Johor. I have no problem with Tauge.. AT ALL!!

2. I'm a lefthander. I write with my left hand, I hold things more with my left hand, I play badminton with my left hand. I dribble basketball with my left hand. I even pick up the phone with my left hand. BUT, I can still play hockey using the normal hockey stick, which was not made for lefthanders. I can play guitar like any righthander without turning the guitar the opposite direction like other lefthanders. I also control the PC mouse with my right hand.. WIERD??.. not wierd enough I guess..

3. I love to observe people. No, not oogling the appearances and the outer portrayals of the people. More of trying to read between the lines. Understand people as humans better. Most of the times, I either empathy or found it downright funny.. either way, it helps.

OK.. enough of that already. Hope you're satisfied with it Naniz. :)

I have to tag others now? OK.. Since I try to cheat my out and only spill out 3 points of me.. Here's the 3 LUCKY people that have been chosen. Main criteria for being chosen. Either you update regularly or you always have no idea what to update..(PRAY HARD.. It's not you..)

1. The mother of Y.. CK !!
2. The 'gelak-guling-guling' TEEK !!
3. My 'part-time' but efficient Assistant.. LISSA !! (I know, life is busy, consider this as part of taking a break. Which you should..AND your blog badly need an upadte.)

Alright people.. Comprende? Have fun working on it.

p.s I'm off to Kuala Kangsar again later today. Will be back in 2 days time. Early wish.. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND everybody

Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Inspiring guts and glory..

Life is never easy isn't it? But, it's not terribly hard either. It's an ongoing process of learning. Well, unless you're born with silver spoon in your*excuse me* in your mouth. Or maybe have the luxury being a spoil brat.. nothing is that easy to go through..

Still, we see many people move on. They live. Even if it means with income of RM300 a month. They survive even if it means you only able to have one meal a day and that would rice with soya-sauce. Not that they like it. But, that's all they can afford to have for a time being.

The thing is, they move on. They slogged their way to life and apparently, some of them (or maybe many of them) made through it and later become successful person. Their success story, later inspire the others to succeed as well.

Enough of those 'non-glamorous' story. I'm sure each and every one of us have a certain advise or personal inspiration to move on through the hardship of life. I'm sure we're inspired by certain people or certain life experience, and who knows maybe we too, be an inspiration to others as well. Either we notice it or not.

My inspiration, to keep going and move on to work for a better life would always be my dad. We don't talk much and I always end up going the opposite direction from what he wants me to be. Most of the times, I saw failure smack right on my face than successes. That moment, I will always remember what he said to me on my first major failure.. "move on..that's not the end of the world!"

With that in mind, with that in heart is what got me to where I am now.. And I'm blessed with that. Thank you for the inspiration.

What's your Inspiration?

p.s JOB VACANCY AVAILABLE for the position 1. Video Editor 2. Assistant Producer 3. Production Assistant 4. Administration Assistant. Please Enquire Within

Friday, 7 October 2005

Make your choice..

This life, it's more challenging than before. It's definitely much trickier than before. With more choices to make, more issues to think of, more decision making within the same old 24 hours, 365 days a year that been given to us.

Sometimes I wonder. How do we actually define the term 'trend'. Is it a very subjective matter that there's no single way to define it?

If it so, then how does the world agree without debate or discussion in deciding which trend is 'in' at the moment and what's not? How do we ever come to an agreeable decision that 'this is a year of multicoloured style' or 'this is a year to wear everything short.' or maybe 'this is a year all of us just not wear anything at all'.

and if, trend is set for a particular year, who actually decides on the trend for the world? Who have the authority to make the call and instruct us 'not to wear jeans anymore because this year is the year if wearing plastic bags on your head, and only plastic bags' ? If God already give us free will to choose.. then why do we still have some unidentified authority to tell us what we should do and what we should not do anymore.. (I'm sure God did not instruct us to change trends every year according to catalog..)

Whatever it is.. I still wonder. If that's all that matters in life, then maybe it is better for us to be born without brains and heart. Making it easier to just follow all those 'instructions' without questions. Right?

Should I be stupify by all these and just follow? Or maybe it's better to be like in the movie, Matrix.. Get out of the system that's been running by 'machines'..

The Red Pill or The Blue Pill.
I've chosen mine.

p.s RAMADHAN AL MUBARAK EVERYBODY..I hope I make any sense to you here..