Monday, 22 May 2006

Jangan la Gubra (hehe.. nak tiru la sikit.. ala sikit je..)

Normally, people would brag about touring around the world. Going places like London or New York. Visiting the city of angels, the city of romance, the city of nurhaliza ..(gotcha!!) Climbing the Stairway to Heaven, or taking the Highway to Hell (OK..that's just song titles..)

Well, I can be proud of touring almost every part of Peninsula Malaysia. Visited every states in Malaysia and visited all our next-door neighbour. In fact, my car have reached from Bukit Kayu Hitam border up north till the end of Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Anyway, here are some travelling tips to avoid getting confused and panic.

1. There's a place called Ayer Hitam in both North and South of Peninsula Malaysia. And no.. they are not Twin cities.. (it barely made it as a full-fledge town..)

2. When you're travelling around Kuala Selangor, you might reached places like Kg. Kuantan and Kg. Asahan. Don't get panic.. you're not in Pahang nor were you in Melaka.

3. On your way to East Coast (again.. nothing to do with that East Side - West Side thing).. You'll meet a sign directing to Kg New Zealand. Don't get too excited just yet. NO.. Lord of The Rings location is not there. NO, You'll not get any All-Black rugby team there.. and NO, Ubisetela is not there (gee.. just kidding.. ya ampun..)

4. If you're going to Muar and taking the Tangkak exit to get there, you'll soon meet a place call Pekan Rawang in between the journey. RELAX, Do not panic. You're not in twilight zone that take you back up in Selangor. It is Pekan Rawang, but not the one you heard before.. and if you still can't comprehend, just take a deep breath and just drive through as if it never existed..

5. If you come to Sri Damansara, you'll see a place called Nasi Kandar Sedap. No, it's not a statement. It's just a name. and they offer free Wifi service that I've been using for quite sometime.. hehe..

p.s I'm heading back to JB tonight.. Will be in JB till the end of the week. More photos of the shoot on my Fotopages

Friday, 19 May 2006

Turun Naik Macam Dacing..

I got a new column on the side of my blog. It shows 10 recent songs played on my iTunes whenever I'm online. There is this one song that got on top of that list for a week or so, and it seems that the title of the song caught attention of many friends who came and visit this blog. The famous line would be.. "Title lagu tu betul-betul ada ke?".

Well, music fans.. the title is real. It is a song by Exists from their 1998 Album 'Mutan' (I'm not very sure if that's the correct word for Mutant in malay..) Somehow, not many realise the existence of this album and end up with the cliche' remarks such as "apsal budak kita takde lagu macam indon?" and so on..

By the way, talking about mutants, X-Men 3 is coming soon at the cinema.. woohoo..
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.. PANCUT KE SILING by Exists..

Before you got the wrong ideas (YOU PERVERT!!..) Listen carefully to the lyrics. Type it back to me if you're interested.. hehe

p.s In a middle of another roundabout of life. Hopefully I got the right exit out..

Friday, 12 May 2006

Tiada apa yang ada di diri ini..

Masih - Flop Poppy

Life is always full of surprises. You dream of what you want to be, you put all your hearts in making it happen, you pray that situation would be better for you day by day. ..and it does. You feel alive, you feel great about yourself and you begin to ponder on the possibilities of making others feel the same way.

Then suddenly, life makes a huge twist against you. In a split second, with no clear indication to why it happen, it just did. People lose sights of their ambition, situation becomes chaotic and at some point, you can't even understand why certain things seems illogical to happen, but it did.

At the lowest point of life, you no longer ask God for miracles of everything great and successful. At this point, all you need is the strengh to face loneliness in this corrupted situation, before taking the step to move on..

That is all I feel and that is all I need for now..

May this journey makes me a stronger person that what I used to be.


Monday, 8 May 2006

Aku perlu perisai doamu menemani..

This is a pre-Mother's Day entry. As much as what's going on with my life and what's going on around me.. I know, that my mother always worried sick about me. This song is the most appropiate song for this year. (err. and a few years before this one..) I just hope she's not worrying too much.. and maybe someday, I could make her really happy.

This struggling son is trying his best to make it in this insane world..

You know I love you..

Mama – Spider
Song by Tam
Lyric by Loloq

Mamaku janganlah kau menagis lagi
Aku perlu senandung riangmu menemani
Di padang ini
Di perang ini
Perang untuk aku jadi seorang lelaki

Mamaku janganlah kau menagis lagi
Aku perlu perisai doamu menemani
Diruang ini
Disimpang ini
Simpang aku rempuh hidup mengenal diri

Kurasa kacau sebelum kurasakan tenang
Kurasa sukar sebelum kurasakan senang
Kurasakan kalah sebelum kurasakan menang

Mamaku janganlah kau menangis lagi
Aku perlu cahaya matamu menyinari
Dihati ini
Dihari ini
Hari anak helang tawan wilayah sendiri

Kurasa kacau sebelum kurasakan tenang
Kurasa sukar sebelum kurasakan senang
Kurasakan kalah sebelum kurasakan menang

Biar gelap mana lagi
Tetap akan berseri kembali

Kurasa kacau sebelum kurasakan tenang
Kurasa sukar sebelum kurasakan senang
Kurasakan kalah sebelum kurasakan menang

p.s I know, too many songs from Spider lately.. So what? They got good songs in their album... and they start recording for the new album this week.

Friday, 5 May 2006

Si Pendek dari Pulau Ungka

I end up having an interesting conversation with a few friends. We're not really sure how to classify this topic last night. Maybe it's just another superstition. Maybe, it's just another coincidence and maybe, there's truth in it and it all become factual after all.. I don't know..

Not sure what triggers this topic, but somehow we reach to a point where we were discussing about 'Short Guys makes a bad leader'. Through observations, experiences and history.. it seems that a short guy who leads will always end up with..

1. Abusing power over their own subordinates.

2. Have the tendency to be cruel to others below them

3. In a situation where crisis occur, they will hiding behind other people and hope that the person will solve for them.

4. When in power, they are more likely to be untrustworthy

I don't know if you agree with what we think, but this is based on combined findings and experiences from each of us at the discussion last night. As for my own personal experiences, I've already experienced 4 people so far.. Hopefully no more after this.

Oh well, tell me if Hitler or Napoleon treat people well back then..

What do you think?

Sebelum gugur tercalar jiwa parah
Jangan kau gugurkan airmata
Sebelum putus tali Tuhan Yang Esa
Jangan kau berputus asa

p.s I have no comment over Tom Cruise.. hahahah

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Random Sountrack of Life

Elly ni nak kena tau.. last minute bagi tag camni lak.. How come la like this.. OK OK.. here goes..

HERE'S THE RULE : Put your mp3 player on shuffle and ask the questions out loud. See which song come out at that point. And with no cheating involved, here are the results..

Juwita (Citra Terindah) - M Nasir

1) How does the world see me?
Mr Brightside (acoustic) - The Killers
- hmm.. nice start.

2) Will I have a happy life?

Because of You (acoustic) - Kelly Clarkson
- huh? oh yeah.. you, you, you and you!! hehe..

3) What do people really think of me?
Cold Water - Damien Rice
- That's because you didn't turn on the water heater! Idiot!

4) Do people secretly lust after me?
Demi Masa - M Nasir
- macam tak kena je.. try make sense..

5) How can I make myself happy?
Turn My Head - Live
- seriously.. just do that and it'll work??

6) What should I do with my life?
Cinta Dewa Dewi - Spider
- Hahahaha... I'm a lover .. not a fighter.. hahahahha

7) What would be good advice for me?
Here is Gone - Goo Goo Dolls
- Yup, maybe it's time to move on..

8) What do i think my current theme song is?
Di Atas Normal - Peter Pan
- is it abnormal or beyond normal??.. who cares anyway..?

9) What does everyone think my current theme song is?
Amazing (acoustic) - Aerosmith
- hahaha! seriously..You think so??

10) What song will play at my funeral?
Mrs Robinson (acoustic cover) - Bon Jovi & Ritchie Sambora
- WTF ???

11) What type of girl do you like?
Mad Season - Matchbox Twenty
- hahahahaha... Mad cow disease kot..??

12) What's my day going to be like?
Mungkin Nanti - Peter Pan (OST Alexandria)
- OK, this is more like 'Que Sera Sera.. Whatever will be.. will be..'

13) Why am I here?
Iris (acoustic) - Goo Goo Dolls
- err.. When everything's feel like a movie, yeah you bleed just to know you're alive?

14) What will people remember me for?
Time Like These - Foo Fighters
- Like these?? Like what?? explain..

15) Are there people outside waiting to take me away?
Akustatik - OAG
- Sure, there's no answer to that question. So it came out nonsense..

16) What will this year be about?
D'ya Know What I Mean? - Oasis
- either this year is about retards taking center stage, or I'm going to Manchester.. hehe

OK, What do you think?

p.s btw, enjoy the video of M Nasir, performing his new single at the Anugerah Planet Muzik in Singapore earlier this year. :)

Monday, 1 May 2006

Ready....AIM... Fire!!

Now, did you watch AIM 2006? What do you think of this year's event?

Personally, I found this year's event way below standard and nothing to cheer about. It was kinda promising at the beginning with VE's performance, then later the interesting introduction by Afdlin Shauki and Bob Lokman, up to the duet performance of Siti Nurhaliza and Hazami (an old R&B cover.. interesting..) Suddenly, right after the commercial break, everything seems getting dull and works its way downward. Not even Jamal Abdillah and M Nasir's classic performance or Spider's energetic finale could save the event from being boring.

I was there at the event and end up spending most of my time at the green area with the others rather than enjoying it inside the hall.

I'm sure the organising team and the broadcaster have worked really hard for the show. I know they would do anything within their power to make it as exciting as it was back then. Somehow, this year is not happening.

Back then, we always believe that to see how 'happening' AIM would be, is to actually how 'happening' the situation in the music industry within that one year. And if that assumption is true, then with more gossip and products in the music business, with the conflicts between AIM and Meastro Records getting out of hand (actually, I see this one as more of personal war than professional..) and the low number of local album release in 2005, I'm not surprised if the event end up boring.

But, I am still surprised by the announcement of Best Hard Rock album, which was won by May through their Live at Planet Hollywood album. There's no way, any live performance album could have a better production quality than a studio album. Even more, when the live performance was done in a venue where it's almost impossible to maintain a good sound quality throughout the performance.

I don't have anything against May, but the result is too absurd.

p.s No photo of the event. It's too boring to even have a photo of it. Anyway, Happy 2nd Birthday to my cute niece, Hanan Insyirah (photo above), Congratulations to my niece (but she's just 1 year younger than me..) Ija, and to all, Happy Labour Day. :)