Friday, 28 July 2006

Izinkan aku bicara tentangmu saja...

Upload music at Bolt

I was fortunate to know this band back in 2004. Last year was a great year for the band back at their hometown in Singapore. They won 3 awards at the 'Anugerah Planet Muzik' which includes 'Best New Artiste' category.

Since then, many things have changed. Two of the band members left the band and it's about time to look for a fresher opportunity in Malaysia.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Bhumiband with their new single from their second album and their first Malaysian studio album...

NEXT MONTH, The band will be touring with Sheila On 7 in Malaysia. They'll be the opening act for the SO7 in 4 venues.

13 Aug - Johor Bahru
16 Aug - Kota Kinabalu
18 Aug - Penang
20 Aug - Kuala Lumpur

Tickets for the concerts are now available at the record stores of respected venues.

This is Perbedaan Hati. Composed by Fathul (the guy who wrote 'Cinta' for Flop Poppy) and the band's vocalist Awi Rafael, with lyrics by Awi Rafael himself.

Cinta bukan hanya kata
Bukan hanya satu makna



p.s Ini konsert, saya punya bapak tara share dalam, saya tara boleh bagi tiket free.. banyak maaf la machaa..

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

The 2006 Idiots Catalogue..

Those of you who've been reading this useless blog might remember my entry about this issue somewhere early last year. Those of you who don't and might not understand what the hell this entry for, you should click HERE

Like I said before, there's no successful branding like 'The Complete Idiot's Guide'. When the fact there's no normal human would like to hear anybody calling them 'idiots!', This publisher has successfully calling millions of people Idiots, which the people indirectly agree.

So here's the 2006 edition of idiots guide catalogue for Malaysians, including the Bahasa Melayu version..

Idiot's Guide to Supporting AF Students
(Panduan Si Bahalol Untuk Menyokong Pelajar AF)

Idiot's Guide to Seek Cheap Publicity in the Parliament
(Panduan Si Bahalol Untuk Mencari Publisiti Murahan Didalam Parlimen)

Idiot's Guide to Predict a Celebrity Wedding
(Panduan Si Bahalol Untuk Meramal Perkahwinan Selebriti)

Idiot's Guide to bid a contract at a Celebrity Wedding
(Panduan Si Bahalol Untuk Membida Kontrak Perkahwinan Selebriti)

Idiot's Guide to Rip Peoples' Money from Reality Show
(Panduan Si Bahalol untuk Mengambil Duit Orang Ramai dari Program Realiti)

Idiot's Guide to Spend Your Mobile Credit on Reality Programmes
(Panduan Si Bahalol untuk Membelanjakan Kredit Telefon Bimbit Pada Program Realiti)

and last, but not least..

Idiot's Guide to Make This Blog Entry a Huge Issue in The Parliament
(Panduan Si Bahalol untuk Menimbulkan Isu Besar Dari Blog Ini ke Parlimen)

So, this would be the list of new catalogues from the Idiot's Guide Franchise.. Available only to Malaysians.. ENJOY!!

p.s The last title can only be read after you read the second title.. :)

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Let it be.. and take it to the fullest..

Here's a quick roundup (no no.. not that poison..) from what happened the past week..

1. Perception is one an important factor on how to evaluate yourself. How you see things determines who you are. If you can't see green, maybe you're color blind. If you can't see at all, maybe you're blind. If you can't the great people around you, then you are blinder than blind and should be shot dead.

2. Evaluating something is not easy. You need to judge it from what it is at present and how it meets the standards of the present situation. How good or how bad that something in the past can be a noted but should not be a benchmark to the present quality. The trickiest part is to let go of the past that haunts your mind before judging the present.

3. Everybody needs to be inspired in life. Inspiration can be in a form of anything. May it be a goal, a calculated achievements, material or maybe, somebody special that moves you. This inspiration should be something that's always fresh in you to keep moving in life and never give up, no matter how bad the situation.

So, I've eveluate my present, perceive the condition and look for the inspiration to move on..

I think I've already found the answer to all of it.. and it's time to take careful action and make it a success..

"when you close your eyes.. do you see black or you don't see anything at all?"

p.s It is an interesting week.. a thoughtful one..

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Congratulations!! I'm Sorry...

WARNING : This next entry may not make sense

Just ignore the warning, it's not going to make much difference with or without it.

Berhenti Berharap - Siti Nurhaliza

It is a week mix the with celebrations and condolences on both extremes, isn't it?

Well, it's not too late to congratulate Siti and her fiance Dato' Khalid on annnoucing the most anticipated announcement by many. So much so, I bet the chief editors in all newspapers might be torn apart in choosing the most qualified news to make the front page.

In the end, the tough choice between tsunami in South Java and the wedding announcement goes in favor to the matrimonial announcement. Oh well, who said only bad news made the front page, right? (or it that another ... nevermind..)

Somehow, I'm kinda disturbed by the wedding announcement making the front page. No, I didn't say I disagree with Siti's choice, nor that I agree. (not to my concern on that matter anyway..) No, I'm not one of those guys who're jealous over Dato' K being the chosen one (get over it guys..her personal wealth would make average guys looks like a toilet cleaner of her third house) and NO, I'm not related to her either.. (somehow, there's too many people seems related to her that I heard of lately)

What's really bothering me is.. In a country that claims the Reader's Digest to have wrongfully accused us as being rude, a country that boast to the world on how caring and 'prihatin' we are.. we actually let the tsunami news falls second to a tabloid-like (no offence the the couple.. oh, and the FANS too) news of another celebrity wedding.

So, shall we change our tagline to Masyarakat Prihatin to Masyarakat 'Busy Body' now? I think it's more appropiate. Same difference..

Rebahkan tangguhmu
Lepaskan perlahan
Kau akan mengerti, semua…

p.s Oh, I did put a warning sign to this entry.. hehehe..

Friday, 14 July 2006

What I chased won't set me free...

Sorry for the long silence.. Miss me? (yes, you can puke now..)

Sympathy - Goo Goo Dolls

Anyway, there's nothing much to update. OK, let's rephrase that. There're many things I want to update here but I'm just turned off by the idea of updating it not using my notebook. (It's warded for servicing at the moment..)

I bumped into this article in the weekend Malay Mail last week. Kinda tongue and cheek but there's a point to it, which make you realise.. how lazy material sucker can we be now?... Here's part of the article..
I don’t blame her, really. Men who could only afford a Kancil or a Kelisa could never afford a woman because they are more expensive than cars to maintain.

I mean, you would need at least RM2,000 a month in order to date a woman regularly.

Interesting..Click HERE to read the full article and give it a thought.

On other notes.. The rock legend, Search is back with their latest studio comeback album. I've listen to the album and give it thumbs up. (after all this is the band that inspired both rock scenes in Malaysia and Indonesia back in the late 80's)

Oh well, I guess to sum up the whole entry.. this video by Goo Goo Dolls in someway define my thougts and feelings at most times these past few weeks.

And stranger than your sympathy
Take these things, so I don’t feel
I’m killing myself from the inside out
And now my head’s been filled with doubt

Enjoy the video!!

p.s Not too late to say 'FORZA AZZURI'!! .. Although head-butt is something I regret happened..

Saturday, 8 July 2006

Light will guide you home..

We are reaching the end of World Cup 2006. 2 great teams that most people around the world has underestimated battling to win the most prestigious cup in football.

The past one month, we have seen an event that actually got the whole world together. An event that despite of our differences in ideology, cultural conduct and beliefs which, has always been the main agenda of our international politicians, got everybody to come as one in high spirit.

This is an evidence, that majority of the population in this planet, believe in peace and harmony. We put aside our differences and make do with the common interest that we have.

Somewhere along the same time last year, we had witnessed another event that got the whole world together, sharing a common interest. The Live 8 : Make Poverty History sparked by Bob Geldolf got the world together to inform, to educate, to request and to unite everybody for the sake of justice, peace and equal freedom.

It's has been 2 years in a row now. The majority acts louder than words on what we believe and what we really want in our lives..

I wonder, if most of us can live together, than why is it we are suspiscious to one another?

Let's keep this momentum going and hope that 'Action Speaks Louder than Words' does mean something to everybody..

p.s All we want is equal chance and oppurtunity to make the best out of our lives. Here at home and everywhere else.. Give us a chance..please. Some of you already had too much..

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere..

Life itself, is a journey of education. I'm sure everybody knows that cliche statement by now. How our daily experience thought us about all kinds of things, in all matters. Some are not even thought in any education instituitions.

Fly Away From Here - Aerosmith

At the hardest and lowest points of my life, (well, I've been here before and now I'm back here again..) I learn that the view are always different from all other level of life. People's acceptance are not as easy as when you're doing well. I learn that, this part of life is like auditing the life you've been through. Spring cleaning the circle of aquaintances (some you call friends..) around you. You'll start to keep those matters to you even closer. Putting away those 'friends with benefit'

At the lowest point of life, decision had to me made. Changes are needed to the plans you made for yourself, and most important of all.. NOT TO GIVE UP HOPE.

This is another reminder myself. Another round of self-evaluation. Admitting the facts that some mistakes had been made. Taking life to another course and bounce back to something better. Looking forward for any possibilities that may come my way. Not to be discourage by the hiccups in life, but face it head on.

Do not be disturbed by some of the aquaintances who might look at it as an excuse to stay away from you. It is them that you should avoid to meet from now on and they had just did a great favor.

Most of all, as I learned to understand how is it like to be in life's most difficult situation, I also learned that to understand better about those who face similar situation. And for that, if you are facing difficulties in life, and seems like nobody's are really keen to be around if you need a little boost in spirit, you can always count on me.

I might not be able to support much, but at least I'll try my best to within reach if you need somebody around.

From time to time, I listen to this song to constantly remind me not to move on no matter how hard it takes on me.. It's about time I share this song with all of you..

Enjoy the video..

Gotta do what it takes
'Cuz it's all in our hands
We all make mistakes
But it's never too late to start again
Take another breath
And say another prayer

p.s I got a shot to make a change in life later today.. Hopefully things will turn out just as I needed. Amiin..

Monday, 3 July 2006

Can any corporate bodies give this event a huge support?

Last Saturday, I was invited to this annual event (I got to know it is an annual event).. This is my first time attending this event which was done 100 % by the people under Kemeterian Pelajaran Malaysia. Which means from production to performances and music arrangement...all are done by the teachers and school students around Malaysia.

Performers for this 2 and half hours show was auditioned within the school students and teachers around Malaysia. They are picked and later paired to perform popular songs which was rearranged for the huge orchestra of 100 musicians.

I came with expectation of not more than just a good try by these 'non-professionals' in Music Industry. I went home with a perception that almost fooled me that these are done by professionals.

Trust me, performance wise.. I like this concert way better than this year's AIM. On talent, these performers are way better than most 'talent' that I see on AF or.. MI.
Some of them sings better than the original artiste..

I guess the secret behind this performance success are their honesty, sincerity and the attitude of having fun on stage. All they want is to entertain the audience at their very best.

Up to one point, I did wish the TV station would look on a different direction for good talents from now on.. maybe this is the new direction.

Thank you Zura for inviting me to the event. I had a great time..You're not a bad MC yourself.

p.s I did't bring any proper camera to the event. That's the best I could get from my seat using the camera phone. I guess I need to get myself a proper camera by now.