Monday, 25 September 2006

I've given all I can, it's not enough..

Let this be the first entry on this holy month of Ramadhan. I did not have a good start for this time around, yet I still hope it will be better along the way.

Now, this is the month where all evil will be tied and stored away. This is the month where we refrain ourselves from doing useless and unnecessary matters. This is also the month that IF we're good enough to be among the chosen ones, we will experienced the night of Lailatul Qadar and be granted of our wish.

So, in this month of Ramadhan, I wish to refresh my life, to renew all hopes and dreams, to be enlighten by all the greatness of life that Allah have to offer. In short, I just hope to be a better person, which I know I am already far from achieving it. Still there is nothing wrong with hoping for the better and struggling to achieve it.

And I hope the very best for all of you too.

Here's an old song that suits me perfectly that this moment of time. Watch the video and read the lyrics.. See if it makes any sense to you..

KARMA POLICE - Radiohead
Karma police,
Arrest this man, he talks in maths
He buzzes like a fridge,
He's like a detuned radio

Karma police,
Arrest this girl, her hitler hairdo,
Is making me feel ill
And we have crashed her party

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get
When you mess with us

Karma police,
I've given all I can, it's not enough
I've given all I can, but we're still on the payroll

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get
When you mess with us

And for a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself
And for a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself

For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself..



Friday, 15 September 2006

Here we are now.. Entertain us!!

I am very slow on updating my blog lately.. My life that's already a mess now is more confusing and numb that I don't think I would want to elaborate more here.

Seriously, I'm OK. Not a problem. I'll just wear that happy mask that many people like and jast go along with the flow. Not a big problem to do that.

As long as it makes others happy. I'll be happy.

One thing hurts even more when the ones who you believe close to you, or the people that matters most to you.. do not have faith in all the things that you are.. and all the things that you do.. or even concern to why and how certain things happens..

Then again.. there's always the happy mask.

Wear it. Maybe that's all that they want from you..

Bt the way, enjoy the video of Tori Amos, singing Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in her own style.

See.. I'm smiling!!

p.s Waiting game is more suicidal than any other games..

Friday, 8 September 2006

What I am to you is not what you mean to me..

And so I lost my phone again.. YES!! I lost the damn mobile again. In a glance, you might say 'oh well, that happens..' For me, I take this seriously. No, not about the phone that I'm mad of. NO, not about that person who sneak and steal the phone from me either. But, to myself. I don't lose my phone easily. In fact, my previous phone before this stays with me for more than 3 years. So, with this phone that last with me for slightly less than a month, I AM PISSED...

Something is definitely not right with me now.

So, I mention this to this friend. A much senior and yes, famous friend who is very close to me. After all those explanation in a quite lunatic manner of myself.. he response was..

"hmm.. gua rasa camni je, bila lu dah jumpa perempuan yang serasi dengan lu, jangan pikir duit lu cukup ke tidak.. lu kawin dengan perempuan tu. gua rasa rezeki lu tak sangkut camni dah lepas tu.."

OK, that dumbfounded me pretty good. I don't really know if the response actually have anything to do with that particular situation or he just say that to shut me up. (which he never did such thing before).. Either way, it shut me up and got me thinking what does he meant by that.

One thing though.. "jangan pikir duit lu cukup ke tidak.. " Yeah right... as if that would convince anybody..

what i am to you is not real
what i am to you you do not need
what i am to you is not what you mean to me
you give me miles and miles of mountains
and i’ll ask for the sea

p.s My life will be pre-historic for the next few days wihout my mobile.. To the stealer, you just made my life 10 times more difficult than it already is..