You want to see the light? So do I...

It's payback time..

Of what was everything?

Take a good cover..

So many questions..

Pilihan Mungkir Jiwa..

The truth runs deep inside..

Don't let real love pass you by..

Of Ape and Human ... In the ZOO

Mari kita tengok siapa yang KENAA!!!!

If I know how...

ATTENTION : Heart & Common Sense Needed!!

If you could only live my life

In a sentence..

Pecahkan teka teki malam..

Simplicity as it is..

Lagu jiwa yang tak tercapai akalmu..

What I want is what I need...

If only I knew what I know today

If you promise not to fade away...

The REAL bathroom song..

Thank you Mr Momofuku Ando

You know I'm gonna be like YOU!!

Could you comprehend the situation?

Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away...

That's all we need to say..

Take all that you want.. Just leave me in peace...

Two Oh Oh Seven High Expectations..