Nobody knows the way it's gonna be..

I Know I Will...

Show me the money!! Show me the money!!

You Oscar.. Me Sparticus..

I don't belong here..

This is life (how cliche...)

What if you got a chance to make a huge difference in a small way?

It's just waiting for you..

Shine on the limelight hoggers till they go blind..

If I could be who you wanted..

We need more rock bands!! (like them..)

The truth is Stranger Than Fiction

The girl who don't want to speak English in UK is 5 today..

I wish I am.. I wish I was..

Alamak.. how come la??..

That's what I was trying to do..

Nothing's Gonna Change My World

I swear I’ll never give in ..

Makes no sense..

I bet you're hard to get over

Where are the signs to help me get out of this place?

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man..