Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Keep on rocking the free world!!

Damn, it's been while since I'm involved in any stage event. I think my last event was also with this Band for a concert with Slank in 2006 at Merdeka Stardium. This time, we will be in Labuan for Merdeka Countdown concert.

Not just them, the Malaysian Rock Queen Ella will also be performing at the concert.

So it's a rock show, great seafood and duty free items for me this National Day. What a way to celebreate National Day.

And for that, here's a video performend by both artists that will be performing for the concert in Labuan.

(Are you??)ENJOYS!!


Monday, 27 August 2007

Tribute la ni kan...

So, did anybody got the name of the band right? (This question is not for KC..)

To KC, that entry is not even near to a tribute. But I must agree they got a few great songs. (I got 2 songs on my list myself..)

If there's anyway it I wold make a tribute to the band. This is how I do it.. Search YouTube for their videos and put it up on this blog.

Like what I'm doing NOW.. hehehe..

Enjoy the video..


Sunday, 26 August 2007

Trivia : Are you 'experienced' enough to know??

OK, It's 5:14am. It's a Sunday Morning and I'm not sure why I end up waking up this early.

Last night, we had our usual home party with all partners and friends. The event went on great. The food was excellent (Mak Yan is definitely the caterer you want to have for your event)

Above everything else was a conversation with a few senior partners. They mentioned about taking the journey with all your heart into business. I was amazed on how a commitment from the heart will take anybody far than they can imagine.

I mean, I know for a fact all that is true. Most of it, I learn about it from books and stories of a living person that I never met. This time, the person themselves tell you about their experiences passionately.

By giving your whole heart to what you dream of, you'll move forward. You will face your own fear and obstacles right in the eyes and take on every risk one at a time. You will not stop at nothing.

The more you do that, the more experiences you'll get. With more experiences, you'll notice at once, anything that seems familiar to do. In less of the time than other people..

Oh, too many info on a Sunday Morning.. I'll end it here. But, before that.. here's a quick trivia for everybody. Do you know this band? Do you know the name of each band members? Remember, if you have the experience.. it would not take a lot of time to answer this simple question. Experience is everything..

p.s Come on people, you've been to quiet.. talk to me..

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Give another fella Hell..

In 1973, Sir Paul McCartney wrote a song with the title 'Live and Let Die' for a James Bond movie of the same title. This song is not part of The Beatles archives but performed with his new band Wings. (no, Awie or any of his bandmates were not associated with this band in any manner)

The song immediately became a hit in 1973.

17 years later, one of the greatest (and partly notorious) rock band Guns N Roses, recorded a cover of this hit song. Not many cover songs succeed in making an impact if the original version is a great single at it's time but Guns N Roses made it.

Now, another 17 years after. It is about time to play the song again. Not because it should be played every 17 years. Not because the song made a cameo appearance in one of the scene of Shrek The Third.

It is just appropriate to remind each and every one of us living in the highly opinionated era to keep focus on your dreams, to keep working on achieving those dreams, and NOT to give a damn of any negative opinion from those around us. Especially those dream killers who claims that they care about you.

Go ahead, live life to the fullest... Live and Let Die. It's your life and your future that they are trying to mess with. DO NOT let them interfere..

What does it matter to ya
When ya got a job to do
Ya got to do it well
You got to give the other fella hell

Sir Paul McCartney, thank you for the straight forward reminder..

Friday, 24 August 2007

Being Typically Typical??

I just couldn't understand it. Those people who did not have the opportunity to change their life would do almost anything to have such opportunity. Unfortunately, those people who have the chance to seize the opportunity, give up just too easily.

Maybe it's our fault to offer anybody who need the chance our full support and make things easy for them to get. It's so easy, that even at their sorry state of life could not appreciate the opportunity with all their heart.

Maybe, all they want is just like any other people of their kind... to be powerful, to be popular with almost no effort needed. Sounds too much like their elders..

Maybe, they just trying to emotionally blackmailing others by saying they want to quit or give up, so that the other person would feel sorry and do everything for them to succeed.

Maybe being typically typical, all they want is to take a free ride over other people's success in the future. Just like they have always been thought by the people surrounding them.

Well, I'm sorry to all of them. You either struggle to succeed together or you will be left behind. We will not tolerate any free lunchers who sit, gossip and being a loser while waiting for any close friends and family to succeed and share it with them.

If you want to do so, you can. But, that will only work in the rural areas of the north... where I see too many of such people waiting for charity to work like miracles..

y 90%.. Almost being a hopeless freak.

Here's a video by Ella. We used to love this song during the 1998 Commonwealth Games, How about we put our heart to appreciate this song NOW and make it everybody's dream to make history for themselves. (even that history would be the most popular ethic group to quit easily in the whole wide world..hahaha)
But I am sorry for those who LOVE to give up and quit. They just lower their own values b


Saturday, 18 August 2007

Salam Kemerdekaan Indonesia..

I've wish Singapore on their National Day celebration. It would not be fair if I didn't wish Indonesia a Happy National Day which was celebrated yesterday, 17th August 2007.

OK, so my wish is a little bit belated. It's better late than never right? After all, we are neighbours, and we do assist each other as much as being in constant crisis with one another. That just to show that we are once a family that being divided by God-knows-who.

What better to celebrate Indonesian National day than playing a music that would closely related to them. What song would reflect them better than this song by Projek Pop : Dangdut is the Music of My Country.

Hey, this is not a pure Dangdut song. But, the lyrics is full of messages for unity.


From all of us in Malaysia.



Friday, 17 August 2007

If You Want To (That is if you have no issues against it..)

A year ago, Hollywood came up with this semi-documentary with the title 'The US vs John Lennon'. If you read(that is IF reading is your interest) about John Lennon and his activism on anti-war and people power, This would be an interesting documentary to watch.

The problem is, where can I get this documentary in Malaysia? I'm sure we have nothing to do with their agenda. And I'm sure Malaysian government are not any way having the same feeling as the US in this issue. So I'm sure it should not be a problem getting this documentary on sale here. Right?

So tell me again, where can I get this documentary? I mean here in Malaysia.
Please.. (oh, I'm suppose to say 'please' when ask for something..)


The Flower Girls of Durham..

Ladies and Gentlemen.. As a preview, I present to you the Flower Girls. All the way from Durham.

Coming Soon to Malaysia in November..

Thursday, 16 August 2007

R ethos put to the main agenda?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the web 2.0 is running on full speed. Just as you about to check on whatever the latest trends web 2.0 have to offer, suddenly there's a new one coming.

I present to you Another community platform for those who thinks, questions and act to make this world and the people living in it a much better being than we are at the present state.

Noble cause, noble intentions but if they have to live on their own, they'll surely die soon than you can imagine. AND They need your support.

OR at the very least, take a peek on what they have to offer. Come 1st September, they'll be up and running full fledge..

Welcome to

Tell me what you think..


Thursday, 9 August 2007

For World Peace!! (insert hand waves HERE)..

This entry should be short, sweet and simple...

I would like to take the opportunity to our neighboring brothers and sisters of Singapore a wonderful HAPPY NATIONAL DAY. I do hope it's time to put our similarities into focus rather than our differences.

I would want to put a video that relates dearly to all Singaporeans but I'm having difficulties in choosing which video that could bring a smile to all of you.

So, I'll just put up 2 videos. One of which even the people in JB might be able to sing along for it's regular opening on Singapore TV. Another is a altered lyrics to a song by Billy Joel that was creatively written by a Singaporean.. in a very Singaporean way..


p.s Why I do this? For WORLD PEACE!! what else??

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan..

Raja Nazrin's Speech at The First Malaysian Student Leaders Summit made the front page of the NST earlier this week. The speech have more truth in it than any other news that made the front cover of any daily newspaper.

Yes, truth hurts. But, you how long will we deny that the nation are at a critical level as far as unity, racial harmony and solidarity are concerned?

I'm not sure how did we get astray from our core values of living in multiracial harmony that used to be our pride to the world, but things are getting worse by the day.

I remember back, not to long ago :-

1. A sport event involving our national team would be taken very seriously. We would make time to cheer and support them. Even if it's only in front of the TV set, the event would definitely be a family affair. We scream with joy if they win and we cry when they lose. But we still love them for putting a good fight in the name of our country.

2. I remember when we took pride in speaking Bahasa Malaysia. No one would regard it as Bahasa Melayu, (even malays have their different dialects) THIS IS BAHASA MALAYSIA which originates from Bahasa Melayu, but developed as such that no malay quarters can claimed it as their exclusive language. And we see, other races speaking the same language fluently (sometimes even better than malays). We have singers from all races singing in Bahasa Malaysia. We have speakers and debaters that could speak Bahasa Malaysia from all walks of life and proud to call the language as their language.

3. I remember the time when we share our dream to make it big outside Malaysia together so that we could proudly say "This is how it's done in Malaysia"

4. I remember when media and broadcast company have the dream to produce contents from Malaysia that could easily syndicated to the rest of the world for it's substance. Documentaries, talkshows or even entertainment that are unique and great to the world.

5. I remember we used to have our own principles and we will stand by it. No other nation can dictates what we should do and what we should not do simply because we understand ourselves better. And because we know, if given a chance, we will show them why we act with those principles.

That was back then. Maybe all that unity and solidarity issues is not our main concern because it's not easy to make big bucks from it. Maybe we should all learn from the countries that loves to create wars from small fries. After all, that should be cool and make us look as if we're up to date with trends... Right?

I don't know. I'm just one person. What about you?

I was visiting the zoo with Murni's nephews when I read this speech and it's ironic to see the animals there are more civilised then the humans outside their shelter.

Come on. Admit that we do need to get back on track as Malaysians. Mend those differences and just focus on what we share in common. Before, it's too late.

Dimana bumi dipijak
Disitu langit ku junjung
Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam
Biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.

p.s May the video helps to bring back the spirit in you..

Friday, 3 August 2007

Love Reign O'er Me

I would suggest all of you to watch 'Reign Over Me'. I have to admit this is not a movie Malaysian Telcos, Banks or any Fast Food would want to co-brand with because the movie is full of heart and you need to do a bit of thinking to check if MAYBE, your life is somewhere in such situation. 'Cool Branding' and 'Thinking' does not go well in Malaysian Brand Exercise you see..

This movie is titled after a song by The Who, (I realise Americans love to associate themselves with this British band's work..)

How would you know if any of your friend need a help from a psychiatrist? More importantly, how would you know if you yourself need some help on that area? Would you admit that you have a problem, depression or hypertension that is much bigger than what you can handle alone? OR would you just be in denial, ignore the fact that you have problems within you and just sweep everything under the carpet.. Pretending that none of all that exist and hopefully if make believe about strong enough.. all those problems will just vanish into thin air and nobody will ever know about it.

This is a movie about that psychological issues within yourself. Those depression and despair that most of us don't really know how to deal with it when it's right in front of us...and most of don't even realise we suffering with one when it is already growing inside us.

Yet, the story telling is superb, the cast did a great job delivering the story and you won't feel like killing yourself or maybe killing other people...

Watch the trailer. After that, let see if you dare to get out from your denial state and give it a go on this harmful movie..

Like the tagline of this movie.. 'Let in the unexpected.'

p.s For once, Adam Sandler is not with his usual movie gang. Oh, and this is not even like any of the movie he would typically be in..