Monday, 17 December 2007

Ibu yang memaksa .. tangga kejayaan..

Here are the 8 steps to success as researched, compiled and compressed by Richard St John for the purpose of easy explanation to kids or adults with IQ below 3.

Go ahead, watch the video, understand the points and see if you have all that it takes to be successful.


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Harga Diri dan Maruah..

Everytime when you talk to any Malaysians about pride and honour, they get very sensitive about it. Well, who isn't anyway?..

The point is, even when the conversation does not imply to their pride, honor or self-worth, they would still think it is. Especially, when the issue, whether directly or indirectly, manage to touched their habits and character.

So you want to defend your honor and pride. You feel that it is your duty to do so. But what happen when your own people do something that somehow gave the impressions to others that we are a nation of no interests in quality, no passion in life and have no pride of our own creation?..

Do we still have to deny their claims and hate them? Or should we just look back within us and start checking what have we done that go wrong?

Here's a video of tempered and exploded 'pride'. Hope you get what I mean by this entry.

p.s Cukup-cukup la perangai ego samseng kampung tu...