Saturday, 12 April 2008

This could save your souls..

Last year, I was introduced to this movie & book about 'The Secret'. It is a very moving topic for everybody that I recommend those who believe they are not living in denial from their own life to watch this movie a few times.

This semi-documentary movie talk about the Law of Attractions. An old yet powerful concept of living your life.

You will attract all the things that you focus on. Even when you say that you do not want certain things, or hoping that you would not get anything that is not on your favor, it would still come to you even more simply because you put your energy and focus towards that direction.

As a Muslim, I know such Law does exists. Only that it is called differently. I remember back in school days, we used to have 4 words posted in front of our class which reflected the Law of Attraction.

The words are USAHA (effort), IMAN (have faith), TAWAKKAL (Leave it be) and ISTIQAMAH (persistence).

These 4 words accumulates what the Law of Attraction really is.

In the movie, they mention that your present state is NOT what you are now. It is the result of what your life are and what you did in the past. What you are in the future depends on what you are and doing now.

As most of us agree on this statement. Let's try to apply this to our situations at present.

1. What we are doing now and how our current life is doing are the results from our actions that we made and focus on in the past. (so, do not blame your current boss, friends or next door neighbor for what you are and how your life could be misreable at this moment)

2. How our country is doing at present. Whether the situation is good, bad or confusingly annoying.. It is the result of what have been done and governed in the past. (so, I strongly believe that it is not justified to blame the current administrators for any bad things the we now since it is a result from all actions in the past)

In short, what we think, believe and do today will be the result for the future to come. As a 'father to be', I am worried. Whatever negative feelings, thoughts and action (or non-action) that I choose take today will definitely give a result that affect their future.

If I'm in denial, their future will be denied. If I'm ignorant, they may not have common sense. If I'm self-centered, they might end up being vain.

So I would choose to take charge of my life. Live it according to what I want it to be and take action (even it shake my out of comfort) necessary to live a great life as soon as possible. I want them to be happy, intelligent, safe and most importantly live a very positive life surrounded by positive people.

I know what I want and it should be take into action NOW. I suggest you should do the same too.

p.s It's time to read less frontpage news, to focus less any politicians and focus more on your own dreams and goals. For now at least..

Friday, 11 April 2008

You live for the fight when its all that you've got

Ever wonder why most of us seems do not progress in life after years went by? The body has taken it's evolution process (some just let gravity took the best of them..) The age has added up the numbers yet still, the life does not show any sign of improvements.

These are not the people who do not have dreams or goals. They do. They are not the type of people who never imagine themselves living a much better life. They do. They are also the same people who take all necessary steps to figure out of ways to achieve it. They do all that.

No, they are not negative about life. They do believe that everybody have the chance to live a great life.

Unfortunately, while these people have all that in mind. Taking all steps necessary to go for it, they are still stuck at where they are. Worst, some even go backwards instead of moving ahead.

So what's wrong with these people?

I might not know much about all these people. I may not have the perfect answer for their situation. One thing I do know is, despite of all their knowledge, beliefs and preparation to change their life to the better, they just don't have the guts to take the action and move on towards that direction. Just like having the driving license and bought a BMW only to park it at the front porch, facing the road and hoping that this great car will drive you to where you want to go.

It's already bad to see how many people do not have the opportunity to make a better life. It's even worse to see those who have the opportunity in hand but did not take action to seize it.

My suggestion, if these people did not wake up and start taking action, let's just round them up in a stadium, lock all gates and shoot all of them to death. At least, we can make way for those who are really serious in taking charge of their own life.

As for those who have taken the big leap of faith to make their life better without hoping badly for any free rides, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE.

This is the song for you. The true heroes among us.

We've got to hold on to what weve got
It doesn't make a difference
If we make it or not
We got each other and thats a lot
For love - we'll give it a shot

p.s The world do not accept cowards who dare not life their desired life. No matter what their excuses are.. even the 'intelligent' ones.