Saturday, 20 December 2008

Yakin kamu menanti diriku yang sering keliru..

This is definitely a short entry. If you're longing for a good song and a good video by a Malaysian band..

OR if you have always believe that our local bands is never as good as just about anybody outside Malaysia..

OR You are actually a fan and a music appreciator.

Then, watch this video 'Cinta' by Nitrus. It's the new single from their current album.

If a band have the passion to keep doing better, they'll shine.. NITRUS is a fine example of that.

Yakin aku hampiri dirimu yang semakin jauh
Yakin kamu menanti diriku yang sering keliru
Kan ku tuju,kan ku tuju,dan di situ
Halalkanlah aku

Resah yang makin hilang
Ditinggalkan jejak ku
Aku pasti mahumu begitu


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Plain and Simple..

When you need to look for information, you Google it. When you need to learn more about anything online, you Podcast.

BUT, that would not happen until you know what a podcast is. Maybe you're an Accountant, a Lawyer, a teacher or worst still.. a Politician where your field of work does not catch up with the ever growing WEB 2.0 technology for the masses. What would you do to catch up with the rest and understand each one of them without insulting your own intelligence.

Not to worry. There's always something to offer in YouTube. I found this interesting introduction video made to explain all the online services in Plain English. By watching it, it seems that even a kindergarten kid in a place where English is not the main language can understand.

So I salute for a job well done.

Of course, there's not much option left for anybody who's still confuse with the explanation after watching the video done by these guys. You either need a translation version of the video (failing to understand after that would officially put you on 'Very Low IQ Support Group') or maybe they have to do it in sign-language.

Go ahead, watch the video. You'll understand better.

p.s Salam Aidiladha.. Eid Al-Mubarak