Wednesday, 28 January 2009

WHY?? That's all you need to know.

John Maxwell - How Do You Define Success? from SUCCESS magazine on Vimeo

IN the journey through life. We all are given equal chances. All of us are given 24 hours for each day. We breathe oxygen. Problems that we face are at par with the stakes we're getting.

Then what seperates between the loser, the midiocre, the upper-midiocre (successful but not successful enough) and the highly successful.

Here's a video that would answer that question. I'm sure you'll know WHY.


Friday, 2 January 2009

I've seen better days ( If you're up for it...)

Hey, It's not too late to wish everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR & SALAM MAAL HIJRAH.. For those of you who still have not make any solid resolution for the new year, not to worry, Chinese New Year is just around the corner..

Anyway, what happened in 2008? One main theme for sure.. CHANGE. Although not much for the better, I'm sure we all hope for it to be the best it would be.

What about 2009? I'm guessing 'CHANGE' is still the main theme. Only this time it is not so much about the change in the political administration or economic system.

This time, it's about changing the mentality and attitude of each and every one of us. That means a change in our own perspectives on how we think, how we see things and how we react to everything around us.

Gone with the old insignificant ideas.. Embrace the significant ones..

Just like the peoples' power on embracing Blogs and Social Networks. This time it's about taking control of our intelligence and our life and the right not let it be insulted by others.


Now I have just started
And I won't be done till the end
There's nothing I have lost
That was once placed upon the palm of my hands
And all of these hard times
Have faded round the bend
Now that I'm wiser I cannot wait
Till I can help my friends