Friday, 10 July 2009

RECESSION : What's the most valuable investment?

This is what I read from a newsletter I subscribe on my email. I guess it's worth sharing it here..

What's the most valuable investment?

Dear Amiruddin,

Warren Buffet was asked not too long ago what investments were the most important during this economic recession. His response was that the most important investment you could make was in yourself. Looking at the 48% decline in my mutual fund portfolio since 2001 his point becomes all too clear.

But how often do we take for granted what we know or get lazy in developing our minds?

Knowledge is so powerful and such a good investment because it has no expiration date. You can’t get taxed on it and no one can take it away. Therefore any knowledge that empowers you to improve business, build connections, communicate better, or develop a valuable skill is something that has the power to continue to pay off even if you lost everything.

Here’s a prime example…

On Saturday my 11 year old son will be testing for his Black Belt in a Mixed Martial Art and Self-Defense System. He’s been training for about 3 years. And I can’t say that he’s been eager for every training session. Like most 8 to 11 year olds, his enthusiasm waxes and wanes with his attention span.

But he’s learned a valuable lesson - a lesson I wish I would have had at the same age. And that is that you won’t always be motivated to go after goals. In fact, I overheard him tell his sister that, “It won’t always be fun, but if you stick with it, it will be fun again.” That’s a lesson a lot of adults haven’t learned – that the pursuit of a goal isn’t always fun – that you have to give something up to gain something but in the end you do it because it’s MORE than worth it.

He’s also learned another valuable lesson…

That in pursuing a Black Belt, it’s not the belt that’s valuable; it’s the knowledge in his head and the skill he’s gained by repeatedly applying that knowledge. And there’s no shortcut for that. Buying a belt at a martial arts store won’t get you the knowledge or skill – only years of training will. You only get there by going through the process – cheat and you only cheat yourself.

Don’t hold back on gaining knowledge. Because once you have it, no one can take it from you. Apply it, and it can be worth gold.

Here's to your success,

Andre Vatke, Founder
Leaders Club