Friday, 29 December 2006

Celebrate the love for greater dreams..

This weekend brings us to 2 celebration, the new year 2007 and Aidiladha.

Normally, the New Year celebration brings us to one thing..New Hope. As we glance what we had done in the past year, we set up new resolution, new goals, refreshing our spirit and self-esteem by giving ourself some kind of hope for something much better than what we already are.

Or maybe we already have all those that we dream of..just to make sure we won't lose it in the years to come.

Aidiladha on the other hand, is a celebration of love and sacrifice. The distance we would go and sacrifice for those who we love the most. Ultimately, the love for God... other than that would definitely our family and the people we cared the most.

I would like wish you all, a wonderful journey to the new year. May you enter the new year with lots of love and the energy to face all obstacles in life to achieve all your goals and dreams. Most of all, the energy to ensure all the people you care, a wonderful life to live in.. and to live with..

Eid Al-Mubarak, Salam Mubarak and a Happy and prosperous New Year.. With all my heart to all of you..

May this year be a much better year for all of us.

p.s. My Aidiladha song.. would be this song by M Nasir... Raikan Cinta. It is a story based of Aidiladha.

Monday, 25 December 2006

Now it's time to wish and hope..

Hey, there's a malay saying 'Buat baik dibalas baik. Buat jahat dibalas jahat'.. AGREE. Still, in this modern era. The line that separates between good and evil is too thin, that most of us often confuse which is which.

There's no clear cut criteria that separates the two. In fact, there are such thing as Evil things that looks like a good thing, as well as Good things that being portrayed as an evil deed. Sounds familiar? It is all around you now.

Whatever it is, think carefully before you jump to conclusions..

Here's a wish to all those who celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas!!


Sunday, 24 December 2006

Why don't YOU ReAct NOW??

These are some photos of the aftermath from the flood in Segamat taken from Malaysia Uncut Blog. (If your IQ is above satisfactory level, you know how to get to the blog..Just click the link)

From what I heard, help did not arrive as fast as expected. I'm sure all of us have the same share to blame. Even worse, we got too many irresponsible bastards (excuse me..) there who take the chances to rob those houses which have been evacuated. That's not all, some opportunists even came with a boat with the intention to make money from saving people. In other words, you need to have cash in hand to be saved by them.

How sick can the Malaysians be? I'm sorry. At this point I have to agree with Reader's Digest that Malaysians ARE RUDE.

Now, whether you agree with me or not, how about contribute something to our own people for once? We've been trying too hard to impressed the world in helping others, why not our own?

For a list of how you can contribute, go to Jelas.Info and read on the many ways you can lend a hand. Bloggers, you can also commit yourself and unite for this cause at Loudtalk.Net

So, if you're truly human with a good IQ level, I'm sure you'll make a point to at least, put an effort to see what you can do to help.

TV CONGLOMERATES.. (any one of you..) Please.. please do something worthwhile, if you can air reality TV of those who can't sing, or rock the world.. can you at least put up a benefit fundraiser show for these victims? If you still can't understand what I mean here.. at least click those videos I've compiled. A collection of performances by artiste who support a benefit show for the Katrina victims. MTV and VH1 put up that show in support to all organisation that work on raising the funds for the victims.. (see, you don't need to open your own benefit account.)

Thank you for your time. Those who have been putting effort for the flood victims in any way.. I salute you for being great human being..

p.s By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my aunt, Hjh Masri Omar.

Saturday, 23 December 2006

In my life I love you more..

Once a while, it's good to cherish those past experiences and memories that we've gone through. After all, it is through those experiences, the people and situations that make us what we are today..

There's a song by The Beatles that describes those feeling well. This Lennon-McCartney composition is truly a classic.

Here's the lyrics to it. If you never heard the song, then I would suggest you click on the video. A performance by Dave Matthews in one of the tribute concert for John Lennon.

IN MY LIFE - The Beatles

There are places I'll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
In my life I love you more

p.s I'll be going back to JB for the long weekend. Suits this feeling very well.. hehehe..(alasan untuk tulisan hujung minggu yang malas..

Friday, 22 December 2006

Half Full Glasses (I hope we see it that way..)

Congratulations!! You were picked by Time Magazine as The People of the Year for 2006.

In 2004, only bloggers are chosen as the People of the Year for their prompt and serious interactivity in relaying information and news to the world, especially during the Tsunami. This time all of you, the heavy users of the information superhighway are chosen. You are the true community of the information age.

"In 2006, the World Wide Web became a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter" as said by the writer, Lev Grossman.

It is you, fellow bloggers who keep the information fresh and rich on the cyberspace.

It is you, members of Myspace and Friendsters that makes everybody interacting with one another.

It is you, people of YouTube that makes the cyberspace exciting everyday.

You share content of various forms to the world. You showed a good example to the meaning of 'Interactive' and 'Multimedia'.

And most important of all, it is all of you who keep showing support and interest in this hi-tech medium of user-generated content.

Congratulations for proving to the world that the net is in fact a serious area to be in business. Hopefully, as we coming to the new year, more people would realise that the internet is not just a small insignificant playground. It is the new real-estate.

And hopefully, despite the MSC programmes and the urge for a more content-driven community by the government, the Malaysian Corporates would actually take action into these ventures and not playing the 'wait and see' game.

You can't see the true potential of this area until you are actively in one. To jump in only when you're sure it will make you rich is not how you should do it.

Congratulations again.. All fellow netizens.

When you're not feeling ugly
The world's not too much
Take the world upon your shoulders
Take the world upon your shoulders
And burn, burn, burn, burn, burn
Take the world upon your shoulders

Enjoy the video.

p.s Death toll from the flood in now increase to 6 people. Come on.. No charity concerts for the victims? International stars? Anybody?? ..

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Flooded with many reasons..

Just 2 weeks ago, I was there for my Uncle's funeral. Yesterday, the whole town was flooded badly.

The village where our large family live is situation right at the riverside of Sungai Segamat. From the photo above, courtesy of The Star, you can see the route to Jalan Hassan. That's where most of my relatives live.

No injuries from our relatives. As far as I know, my cousin's fish pond, was drowned by the flood, which ended up with all fishes gone.

I'm still updating on the news from relatives at this moment. For more news, you can check on The Star, NST & Bernama. Other than that, you can also check on my cousin's blog, MJland and, Segamat do have it's own portal..)

Death toll at the point I wrote this has increase from 2 to 5 people.I hope all other flood victim are safe and everything will be back to normal for them.


p.s I wonder if Forces of Nature organiser would organise any fundraising concert for these victims. They did for other victims.. why not Malaysians? Right?

Throw your love around..

So things are not going your way. Everything does not turns out the way you planned. So what? Does it mean that this is the end of the world? I don't think so.

Yes, I'm sure those people who made life difficult for you do want the world to end for you. That does not mean you need to agree with them. Life must go on.

Your past experiences might conditions you to be more careful than before. Sometimes too careful that you end up not taking risks at all. You're afraid that you will get hurt. You're afraid that to think there is a possibility that you might get hurt.

As these thoughts starts to take over you. Your life starts to stay stagnant. Your dreams fades away, your energy drained out and later, you're paranoid to everything the world have to offer.

Might as well, you just die over a tragic accident and let the others live. Then again, why be a loser?

What's all these craps for??.. It's the end of 2006. I know some might be lucky to fulfill all their resolutions, some did not even manage to get even one done. Not that they did not try, just that sometimes, luck is not on their side.

So, before you make a new resolution. Remember this.. It's OK to fail. As long as you learn from it and move on to try again. It's OK to be hurt in the past, because everybody hurts in a way or another. Don't worry much about the past.. but think about whatm you want to do in the future..

And if you think you're alone in this, then let me tell you this.. you're not. At the very least, I'll be around as a friend. The last thing I wanna know is another good person fails in life coz bad people win in the race.

You can have me as a friend. As much as I need you to keep me on track of my own dreams. Don't hesitate to talk to me.

So plan carefully. 2007 is coming and you definitely need to take charge of your life and dreams..

ONE MORE THING.. While you're at it.Be happy for yourself. That's should be the start of everything.. :)

Everyone around, love them, love them
Put it in your hands
Take it, take it
There's no time to cry
Happy, happy
Put it in your heart
Where tomorrow shines
Gold and silver shine

p.s This entry is more of a personal reminder to myself.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Can somebody give this man his PhD??

If I have to talk about my 2 greatest teacher in my early childhood. I would say, it would be my dad and Jim Henson.

No, Jim Henson is not my uncle. As a kid, I love to watch Sesame Street and The Muppets. I think those programmes are really cool. It's informative, it's educational and it rocks!..

I'm sure many of you would agree that we all learn a lot from Jim Henson's Muppets..(That is, if you had that chance to watch it back then..). Seriously, I am thankful there are programmes with good puppet acts by his team. It really got me hooked and I learn new things everytime.

Jim Henson is a genius. Is he a PhD holder in any way? If not, then I would beg anybody in the academic line to give him a doctorate in child education. I'm sure by now, he had already educate too many children in the world with his Muppets.

Kinda think of it. Why is it hard to find any good children programmes in Malaysia? OK, my definition of good (this is a reminder to those educated urban copycats..) is.. Original, effective and inspiring content. I don't think I can find much these days. It's not that hard to come up with those concepts for kids actually. Just try to think along with them and stop being that typical stuckup and egoistic adult you've always been.. Is that hard to do?

Anyway, here's a snippets of a great duet by Kylie Minogue and Kermit the Frog. To Mr. Jim Henson, I SALUTE YOU. It is an honor to be educated by a team like yours.

* Note : This video, just seems too cute to be left out..

p.s I do have one question to Jim Henson though.. Why is the only female character in the muppets seems to be a pig? No other option?

Saturday, 16 December 2006

The second hand unwinds..

Unless you're truly a loner who seems to hate everybody and everything in this world, I'm sure most of you got forwarded emails from your friends. (that is... provided, you have an email address in the first place..)

Yes, I know a lot of those forwarded mails have nothing to your concern (esp when you got nothing much in your mind..) but do you at least try to make time to read each and every one of it?

I do get a lot of forwarded emails. Some are jokes, some are great photos, some are great writings and some are just plain corny. Whatever it is, I try my best to read each and every one of it. The ones that I don't read are mostly email forwarded irresponsibly. Those emails that when you open it, you need to scroll down about half a mile before you actually got to read the short entry.

But there's this one email. With a great poem (or that's what the original sender claim it to be..) which I like to share here. The email was started as a chain email which claims that anyone who got the email should forward it to 10 others or Bad Luck will happen to you. They email also includes what claimed to be 3 true examples of what had happened to other people who did not do it.. Sounds threatening isn't it?

Anyway, I don't care about those warnings. What I like to share here is this poem.

Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end,
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.

And I never see my old friends face,
For life is a swift and terrible race,
He knows I like him just as well,
As in the days when I rang his bell.

And he rang mine but we were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men.

Tired of playing a foolish game,
Tired of trying to make a name.

"Tomorrow" I say!
"I will call on Jim Just to show that I'm thinking of him."
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And distance between us grows and grows.

Around the corner, yet miles away,
"Here's a telegram sir," "Jim died today."
And that's what we get and deserve in the end.
Around the corner, a vanished friend.

Remember to always say what you mean.
If you love someone, tell them.
Don't be afraid to express yourself.
Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you.
Because when you decide that it is the right time it might be too late.
Seize the day. Never have regrets.
And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family,
for they have helped make you the person that you are today.

On this wonderful weekend, let's just say I dedicate this anonymous poem to all of you. It doesn't matter if you know me in person or not. Just read the poem and give it a thought.

And as usual, don't forget to watch the video... (Tini, she perform on your Birthday..)

p.s The email says that if I don't forward to 10 people within 3 hours after reading. Bad Luck will happen to me. From the example, bad luck seems to be death over tragic accident. So, if any of that is true.. It has been a pleasure knowing all of you.. :)

Thursday, 14 December 2006

A favorite just fits how you feel...

Every now and then, you'll heard people talking about the TV ads that they saw. Most of the time, they'll talk about how good the TV ads to them. They will tell you how great the visuals are, how cool the storyboard or the favourite sentiment is how beautiful or handsome (or cute) the models on the ads.

That's what I'm going to do today. (cikgu dah start nak lecture konon..) This is an ad by GAP that I've seen somewhere last year. No, it's not on Malaysian TV and not on any cable channel shown in Malaysia. Of course there's no such ad aired on Malaysian TV coz we don't have GAP outlet anywhere in Malaysia last year.. (jap.. sebelum korang melatah..yaa.. aku tahu sekarang dah ada..) Before this, the only place you can get any GAP items in Malaysia is through Reject Shop.

OK, what I like about this ad is not about the high tech visual. No, it does not have beautiful sceneries which the client would expensively pay the agent for nothing. No, they don't have sexy models who speak in a language they are not fluent with and trying hard to look cute. This is got none of that.

What this ad got is a great direction and a great copywriting. Something you don't see on Malaysian TV that much. (Yes, we do have award winning ads from Malaysia.. I KNOW!!)

How they do it.. they take about 7 artistes (see if you know all of them) together, talk about the word 'Favorite' and what does it means to them. These artiste will then tell us about their favourite song and how they identify these songs as their favorite. When all that is done.. somehow, they'll relate this feeling as similar as to choosing a favorite jeans.

Now that's a good copywriting.

I know, we have good copywriters here in Malaysia. I don't think I should start pointing which Malaysian TVC is my favorite (occupational hazard : these people tends to look for attention too..sorry..) But, I strongly believe a good copywriter (or maybe, a hardworking copywriter) is hard to find here.. Yes, we have many interesting copy here.. but a copy with substance is hard to find. Especially when many copywriters are more 'MTV-centric' than the MTV themselves.. hahaha..

Go ahead, watch this long-version of GAP Jeans. Tell me what you think. Better still... answer the question.. "What's your favorite?"

Favorite Song is like Favorite Jeans

p.s I can surely point a really bad copy.. PLEASE TELL whoever that made those 'Kempen Budi Bahasa' ads to just let somebody else to do it. It is simply horrible and missing the whole point...

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Tiada akan ku abaikan kasih...

It's hard to give a sincere opinion on anything here. Especially when your remarks contradict with what the person or the public hoping for. If you give a positive remark over something that is obviously not, the public might think you're paid to say so. If you give negative remarks, no matter if it's true or not, the person who owns anything that you criticise will hate you for life.

Positive criticism? Encouraging criticism? or whatever politically correct term on making remarks.. NOT HELPING..

When making comments, remarks or any such action, it is even harder when the selected person is your own friend or family. Much harder, when that particular friend or family holds a certain status or at the very least popular. (for what ever reason..)

So this is my public apology (I should do it before anybody ask me to..) If I make any comments, remarks or whatsoever opinion that may hurt your feeling.. maybe make you hate me, kecik hati, nak merajuk.. cakap belakang kat kawan-kawan lain or even menangis atas katil sambil tangan atas dahi dan mengadap siling.. I AM VERY SORRY. It is unintentional to be that way.

Most of my remarks are non-personal (except that one entry on Pendek Jangan Jadi Leader..). Most of it are remarks on the situation and the action.. NOT the person.

So with that.. I am sorry. Certain remarks are needed to make this world a better place to be.

On another note, SIAPA NAK TENGOK WAYANG? I heard lots of good remarks about this movie. And it's good to see film producers and directors finally realise how music plays a very important role for their story. Thank God.. it's about time.

Beri padaku sedikit waktu
Untuk aku mengenali isi hatimu..

p.s Jom.. Jom.. Apasal semua orang yang aku ajak semua dah tengok cerita ni?.. Aku pergi sorang karang..

Monday, 11 December 2006

That Someday It Would Bring Me Back To You..

There's just too many music awards in Malaysia isn't it? If an artiste make it big that particular year, they end up attending at least 4-5 award show.

Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

These award shows are redundant? No, not exactly. Each award shows have different purpose and criteria on selecting the recipients.

There's Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM), the industry's prestigious award where recepients are selected by professional pool of juries among the peers within the music industry.

There's Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABP) organised by Berita Harian. Need no explanation, the name says it all. It's a popularity award as voted by the fans of local entertainment industry.

And then there's Anugerah Era (AE). Another popularity award show organised by Era FM where fans vote for their favourite artiste. (NO, it's not redundant. There's over 20 millions of Malaysians and surely, radio listeners are not the same people as newspaper readers..)

Then there's this annual Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL). Dubbed as the oldest award show which winners are selected based on the song they are competing.This is not just achievements awards.. This is in fact a song competition.

So last week, the last four songs that make it to the final were selected from the Pop Rock Category. It is a tough decision and I'm sure the juries have thoroughly checked and analyse the contestants before picking the finalists..

Yes, I'm in between satisfied and dissatisfied over the overall selection of the finalists.. But I'm not in a position to complain...

So, GOOD LUCK to the finalists.. Those who didn't make it, better luck next time. (There are a few more awards show I've not mention anyway...)

May the most ORIGINAL, CREATIVE and ENTERTAINING song wins.

Hey, it's year end and yesterday was a nice Sunday Morning for me. So please.. Enjoy this video.. I really want to share this song with all of you.

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
Sunday morning rain is falling and I’m calling out to you
Singing someday it’ll bring me back to you
Find a way to bring myself home to you

p.s Lal La la .. Lal La La... See, I'm singing!!

Friday, 8 December 2006

Biarkan Semuanya Indah..

(I should have put this entry weeks ago to congratulate him. Somehow, the entry stop halfway and never got the chance to finish it till today. As if waiting for the right day to get it done.)

A few weeks ago, paralysed and on a wheelchair, he received the 'Bintang Semangat Rimba Kelas Kedua' from the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the National Scouts Association ceremony.

He was then interviewed by the press for his achievements. Utusan Malaysia wrote an article about him. Even The Star wrote an article about him(Click on the links for the news). He is the veteran scout on that ceremony.

He deserves it. He has been dedicated with his Scout Honor all his life. In fact, it is through him that I and my other brothers got the interest to be a boy Scout in Primary School. It is from his story that give me the spirit to work myself until I got myself to be a Patrol Leader and later a Troop Leader of my Primary School. Through him, I understand more about Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book and learn a few rope-knots. I got first hand demonstration on building a tent from him which later develop my interest to camping and outdoor recreation.

Yesterday, barely 3 weeks after the ceremony. At the age of 78, my uncle... Abu Bakar Mohamed passed away at his hometown in Segamat.

May Allah blessed his soul and his deeds with the greatest blessings such great person should get.

He will be in our prayers... Amiinn..

"Selama menyertai pasukan pengakap iaitu sejak tahun 1946 di Sekolah Tinggi Segamat, Johor, saya tidak pernah menyesal, sebaliknya berbangga menjadi ahli pasukan ini."
- Abu Bakar Mohamed (1928-2006)


Thursday, 7 December 2006

There's no way we could disguise it ..

If there's any local TV programme that I would recommend for all of you to watch this coming New Year, then it would be this show.. 'A NIGHT OF SOULFUL STARS', which will be aired on 'The Feel Good Channel' - ntv7.

Like the title suggest, this is a show where stars performing repertoires that falls under the genre of Soul and Blues. It's not an easy genre to sing either. This is where the singers apprearing for this show are tested on their vocal ability. With performances by Ning Baizura, Taufik Batishah of Singapore Idol, Vince of AF1 and Mia Palencia from Philipines, you can almost be sure that nothing could go wrong with this show.

What can I say? The set looks great. The sound system was perfect. The musicians are superb and the stars gave their best performances. If you're there, you will know that they have put up a magnificent show.

Congratulations to production team, the musicians and the star. I would say, THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!

I don't have the snippet of the show. (Even if I do, I don't think ntv7 would give me the rights to put up a snippet here..kan?? kan??) So, here's a video of one of the song performed on that night. Just to give you the idea of what the show would be..(err... minus the dancing..)

It's not easy to produce a great TV musical performance. Most TV station fails to deliver a great musical experience to the audience. Fortunately, this show manage to make it happen.

p.s Vernon, if you're reading this.. Don't worry.. Ning pulled out a great show.

* photos before edit courtesy (or ripped from) Mr.Manager, Vernon Kidit.

Sunday, 3 December 2006

One headline, why believe it?

I once heard that the golden principle in Law is 'Innocent until proven guilty'. Sure.. I think such principle are only applicable to Law practice I guess. I don't think that's how the society would want to look at it here.

How the public sees it is, everybody's 'Guilty until proven innocent'. Just take a look at those high-profile cases we read in the newspapers and you'll see how public opinions already serve their punishments.

You're accused for any big-scale failure ... GUILTY!!
You're remanded 2 days to assist on investigations... GUILTY!!
Somebody linked to a case based on random queries.... GUILTY!!

Those victims, even when they are not guilty by law, end up having to move to another town because of that.

Are Malaysians are too paranoid of their own people, that we tend to think bad of others first before we even consider to think of the good things the have in them?

OK, maybe those examples are too huge to relate to our everyday life. How about these...

If a person treating you bad.. He / She is already BAD.
If a person treating you nice .. He / She is up to something. Hence He / She is BAD too..

If a person talk in a harsh manner, that's rude.. BAD.
If a person talk nicely, the person is a sweet talker .. still BAD

I guess basically, there's no good people here..

So, what happen when there are good people around? I guess, majority would think they are up to something bad as well..

Here I am, not worthy to anybody. Until all that I am are proven valuable to the life of others.

And so I'll be accepting the fact that I'm guilty... until proven innocent. The least I can do now is not to be more guilty than I already am.

What a wonderful life it is in this part of the world.

Welcome to your life
Theres no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you..

p.s It's not that bad actually. Just show people that you have the wealth and the style... You'll be off from judgment. Those are the scale of being innocent through public opinion. Right? hehehehe...