Monday, 17 December 2007

Ibu yang memaksa .. tangga kejayaan..

Here are the 8 steps to success as researched, compiled and compressed by Richard St John for the purpose of easy explanation to kids or adults with IQ below 3.

Go ahead, watch the video, understand the points and see if you have all that it takes to be successful.


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Harga Diri dan Maruah..

Everytime when you talk to any Malaysians about pride and honour, they get very sensitive about it. Well, who isn't anyway?..

The point is, even when the conversation does not imply to their pride, honor or self-worth, they would still think it is. Especially, when the issue, whether directly or indirectly, manage to touched their habits and character.

So you want to defend your honor and pride. You feel that it is your duty to do so. But what happen when your own people do something that somehow gave the impressions to others that we are a nation of no interests in quality, no passion in life and have no pride of our own creation?..

Do we still have to deny their claims and hate them? Or should we just look back within us and start checking what have we done that go wrong?

Here's a video of tempered and exploded 'pride'. Hope you get what I mean by this entry.

p.s Cukup-cukup la perangai ego samseng kampung tu...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Maybe it's time to trust your intuition..

OK, On normal circumstances I would not post another entry any time before 24th November. But, I came across this article on 'listening to your own intuition' and I thought that I should just share it with you as soon as possible.

Read, give it a thought and act accordingly to your intuition. (I sense that your intuition suggest that you get me a present.. hahaha)

Learn it, Live it and then share it with others..

If Only You'd Listen to Your Own Intuition
by Anita Foley

"I KNEW that was going to happen!" How many times have you heard those words come out of your own mouth? Probably plenty, if you're like most people.

We all possess something called "intuition". It's an inner "knowing' which, when paid attention to, will help us make decisions and even prevent us from making mistakes!

Do you remember when you were in school and you had to take those dreaded multiple choice tests? How many times did you get an answer wrong because you had changed it from your original answer? I'll bet it didn't take long before you figured out you should always go with your FIRST instinct. That's because you really did know the correct answer, and your intuition provided it for you. Then, perhaps you doubted your insight and changed the answer.

Did you know that your brain, like a giant computer, stores all the data that is ever put into it? The problem is that most of us can only RECALL about 10% of that data at any given time. But, on occasion, your intuition kicks in and digs deep into the file cabinet of your mind to pull out a stored-away answer.

I'm sure you've experienced having a piece of information "right on the tip of your tongue". The data is in your head somewhere but you can't quite get it out. Sometimes it just takes a while and the answer will come to you a few hours later. It just sort of "pops in" when you're not even trying to remember it anymore.

Well, sometimes information will "pop in" as a warning or in answer to an unasked question. You get a "feeling" about something. Maybe it's just a "gut feeling" or maybe it's more like a premonition. Do you listen to it or ignore it?

It's very easy, in hindsight, to see where you could have prevented a problem or mistake by listening to your hunches. But how can you learn to use your intuition to give you answers or even evoke warnings BEFORE it's too late to do something about them?

1. Learn to listen to your own intuition. The voice within you speaks to you constantly, and you are usually just too busy to listen to it. When making major decisions, make a conscious effort to take some quiet time alone to hear what your inner voice is saying.

2. Never doubt your own intelligence and common sense. When your inner voice says, "watch out", learn to take heed.

3. Never feel (because you don't have a PhD or other fancy degree), that you are less capable than the next guy. The so-called gurus and experts don't have all the answers and don't always know what they're talking about. Just remember how many stock EXPERTS told people to buy Yahoo at $150 a share.

4. Remember that nobody knows you like YOU do. Your intuition is YOU talking to you.

5. Keep your own counsel. There's a reason your intuition gives you advice. Don't ignore it. You are your own best advisor.

Some people intentionally ignore their intuition. They doubt their own inner wisdom. They do things even though their intuition tells them otherwise. They make the same mistakes over and over again. Then they find themselves always saying, "I KNEW that was going to happen!"

p.s How many wrong decisions you've made because you over analyse things when you should have trust your own intuition?

Friday, 16 November 2007

Will you, won't you, be the one I always know?

This will be the last day of another chapter in life. Tomorrow will start a new chapter. A much better chapter in life.

How would I know it will be a much better life? How can I guarantee it will when so many who take the plunge fails?

Well, I don't believe in any tips published on Magazines. (Especially those magazines that have too many products advertisements) They just want to make sure you keep coming back to insecurity and later by the products to think that it would make you 'feel good'. I know I will not fail this one because I will make sure it won't. Good things in life don't just happen, you have to take charge,make initiatives and make it happen.

I'm not saying things will be easy after this. I'm not saying there will not be any obstacles along the way but I will be ready to face all of it.. head on.

There's only one rule. Whatever that might come, "we only have each other". I will not explain on that rule here to any of you.

With the new chapter begins, I know I put an end to many worried minds of friends and relatives.

So this will be the last entry for this week. Maybe this last entry (or the second last) entry for this month as I will be away for a much bigger agenda.

I'm getting married tomorrow.

It's always have and never hold
You've begun to feel like home
What's mine is yours to leave or take
What's mine is yours to make your own

p.s If you know me in person and have not receive your invitation, do call me or email me for the details. You are invited for the reception on the 24th.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Me, I just don't give a F*toot*

None of us are born losers. NONE.

Naturally, we were born not to give up and accept defeat. If we fail on the first few attempts, we will keep going and do it again, look for the best way to achieve it, taking risks faced up and eventually we will succeed.

Just look at babies, the moment they learn to crawl. They keep pushing themselves until they succeed. Once that achieved, they look for a bigger goal. They try to walk. They fall in the first few attempts and it hurts. But, somehow they did not give up and succeed.

From walking, they push themselves to get further by running. You'll see how they run if you let them free. They don't care if they fall or hit something. Yes, they do cry when they feel the pain from falling, it hurts. But that does not stop them from getting what they want to get.

They keep moving on.

Once they know how to speak, when they want for something. They'll ask permission in every possible way they can think of. They'll ask the father. They'll ask the mother. If none of them would give them what they want, they'll use the phone and call the grandparents for it. They will stop at nothing until they got it.

You know all about that right? All of us have been there. We are the type of species that will easily give up and float with the flow without having control of our life because we were once those babies.

We keep growing, we keep learning and we keep on moving until we get what we really want for our life.

We keep bouncing back from every fall. That's who we are.

While we all know that we are not losers, why are some of you still act like one big loser? No, you are not fated to be a loser. God is not cruel. Your friends and your boss may be cruel to make you believe you are a loser but not God.

BOUNCE BACK!!.. You know what it takes.

Bounce, Bounce Nothing's gonna keep me down
Bounce, Bounce Stand up, shout it out
Bounce, Bounce I play hard, I play to win
Count me out, count me in
I'll be bouncing back again


p.s You are as good as DEAD if you stop struggling to improve yourself and learn.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us.

Last week, I met a millionaire whose personal income is somewhere between RM1.6 Million to RM2 Million a month, clean. What he do for a living is simply helping and guiding other people to be a millionaire which he already successfully developed for slightly more than 1000 people across Asia.

After a long talk, all I can understand that to be a millionaire, it is not how smart intellectually, (or else, every professors are millionaires) it is not how skillful you are (or else all of us would be one..) BUT, how big is your heart in embracing life, and how bad do you want your dreams to come true.

Yet, even if you have such attitude and mindset, you will not achieve it if you don't care to live the hopes of the people around you. You need to give them hope that they too can be like you.

In short, his remarks was "You are already DEAD the day you were born. IF you don't have any hope to be better in life"

I guess that's fairly true. Don't you think so?

Here's a video by Paul McCartney. This is Hope of Deliverance

I will understand someday, one day.
You will understand always,
Always from now until then.

p.s 4 days to go before the big day..

Sunday, 11 November 2007

I guess we're gonna find out..

Did you realise that it is almost the end of 2007? (Yes, November is the second-last month of a year..paannndaiii pun.)

How's life been going for you in 2007? (No, It's not too early to ask that question.. seriously..)

I'm sure by end of December last year, you must have some 'new year resolution' or 'goals' that you want to achieve this year. Whatever that is, it's definitely have something to do to improve your life and the be a better person than who you are before, right? How's that going so far?

Have you achieve any of your 2007 resolutions yet? Or maybe are you going to that direction at the very least?

How well is your progress so far? Does whatever effort you put on at the moment give the optimum outcome in reaching your goals?

How would you know that you have dome the best so far? Do you think that MAYBE you can do much better?

Before we reach the end of 2007, how about we do some quick review on what we've done for the last 10 months? Let see if there's anything that we need to tweak or adjust to make better progress.

As far as we've gone through in the past 10 months, let's not waste anymore efforts and energy, and keep our focus on our main goals for this year.

As nicely said by Matchbox Twenty..Let's see how far we've come.

Shall we?

The cars are moving like a half a mile an hour and I
and started staring at the passengers who're waving goodbye
can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?

p.s here's a hint... if life goes too smoothly day to day, Then there's a high possibility you're not growing to the better..because you have not been tested enough.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Screw your brains tight and let's do it..

I just finished reading a book by Sir Richard Branson, called 'Screw It, Let's Do it'. It's the latest expanded edition.

I admire this man. His guts, his attitude towards life and his sensible feelings towards other people made him a businessman of his own class.

Against the odds of popular beliefs, he's a dyslexic school dropout who loves new challenges and making his first big bucks by being an editor to his self-published magazine (definitely a great achievement for a dyslexic person).

From there on, he made a break into the music business, airline, cosmetics and even colas. All under the name 'Virgin'

It's interesting to know that, for all his achievements, he owe it greatly to his family. An understanding and encouraging parent, a supportive relative and a close knit friends. To him, without such upbringing that the parent, especially his mother who continuously put him into the challenge and lead him by showing herself as an example (of a person who take challenges), he would not be the person he is today.

Giving a thought to his remarks, I wonder what would happen to him of the family is a master of being mediocrity and being helpless.. Maybe he would be.. (OK, I would not dare to think of the worst..)

Sir Richard Branson. You are an Inspiration. If only more people like you in this world.


Sunday, 4 November 2007

You say you wanna start something new..

This is a man who sings truely from his heart. His previous hits is still played by radios around the world. Some of it are covered by A list artiste, Songs like 'Wild World' by Mr. Big and 'Father and Son' by Ronan Keating was previously hit singles by Cat Stevens, now famously known as Yusuf Islam.

Many would still wonder why he convert to Islam when generally, other people would believe it's a religion of terror. He saw otherwise.

This is a documentary by a famous Music Network channel that tells the story about Yusuf and the story behind all the journey in his life.

But if you wanna leave, take good care
Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware

p.s Seek the truth and thou shall find

Friday, 2 November 2007

Your own pursuit should start NOW!!..

Insanity: Continuing to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

This is a definition of insanity that is famously used by the Alcoholic Anonymous. Although it is not the definition taken from any dictionary, there are some truth to this definition, NOT only for the AA groups but to all of us who seek improvements in life.

We all seek for a chance to make things better in your life. We dream of having more time with our family. We want to go for our dream vacation that would not suck our expenses dry when we get back. We even hope of a life that we could do anything that we want and not to worry much about it.

Yet, when there's a chance to have such thing, we tend to think too much before making any decision that ends up we do not dare to take action on it. Some even think that they want all those life improvements that they dream of but not willing to make any extra effort or maybe some changes in life.

Well my friend, if you know your life can be better than whatever you are now and you want to have a better life in the future, yet you don't want to make any action that goes outside of your daily routines and habits.. MAYBE YOU ARE INSANE.

What you need (maybe) is to watch the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness' a couple of times.. understand what you want in life.. realise why you want it badly.. then check yourself and see if what you do now can be considered as 'effort' to get your dreams.

For every generation in the family, one generation should be better than the generation before them. Is your life better than your parents? Have you done anything to make sure that your children would be a better generation than you?

p.s Time to use your heart, mind and soul to seek what you really want and act on it NOW...

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

I think it's time I told you so... Free of Charge.

Free·dom (frē'dəm)


1. The condition of being free of restraints.
2. Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.
a. Political independence.
b. Exemption from the arbitrary exercise of authority in the performance of a specific action; civil liberty: freedom of assembly.
4. Exemption from an unpleasant or onerous condition: freedom from want.
5. The capacity to exercise choice; free will: We have the freedom to do as we please all afternoon.
6. Ease or facility of movement: loose sports clothing, giving the wearer freedom.
7. Frankness or boldness; lack of modesty or reserve: the new freedom in movies and novels.
a. The right to unrestricted use; full access: was given the freedom of their research facilities.
b. The right of enjoying all of the privileges of membership or citizenship: the freedom of the city.
9. A right or the power to engage in certain actions without control or interference: “the seductive freedoms and excesses of the picaresque form” (John W. Aldridge)

These are some of the definition for the word FREEDOM mentioned in one of the online dictionaries.

We all love idea of freedom. The idea of living free from being dictated and controlled by another human being.

Yes, slavery is history. At least the old idea of slavery that is. But how many of us really sit back and dig deeper into the meaning of Freedom? How do we define freedom? If not for the generally accepted meaning of freedom, at least what does freedom means to you individually?

Do you have a total control over whatever events that happens in your life?

Do you have control over how your day would you want it to be every morning when you wake up?

Do you have a choice over what you want to do everyday?

Can you wake up on a Wednesday morning feeling happy and excited that you decided to just spend your time at home with your family and go to work right after lunch?

Do you really have control and choice in your present life?

Maybe it's time you think hard of the meaning of Freedom for you... again.

Have a wonderful day.

All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow
All we have to see
Is that I don't belong to you
And you don't belong to me,

p.s You want it? There's a price you need to pay.. The question is 'how bad do you really want it?'

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Have you any dreams youd like to sell?

Insanity: Continuing to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

This is a definition of insanity that is famously used by the Alcoholic Anonymous. Although it is not the definition taken from any dictionary, there are some truth to this definition, NOT only for the AA groups but to all of us who seek improvements in life.

I think it's tiring to listen to anybody who told us on how they really hope life would be better for them and how they wish things would be great in the future. Yet, with all the hopes and wishes that they have, they did not take the first step to pursue any of it.

Some tried the first step but then make a turn and go back to their old habits and nature, with all those excuses that they feel could justify their actions.

Let me remind you and me on any actions we took to get our goals and dreams. If the things we do now does not lead us to where our dreams are, why do we still keep doing the same thing and hope for different results?.. It's like working in a deadend job hoping you become the CEO of the company someday.

Or, You have a dream to catch. You need to change accordingly to get to your dreams. Do whatever it takes to get it. Why are you being such a coward when it's your own dreams you want to achieve?

OR MAYBE, you're just one of those insane people as defined above? It's your choice. Even if you don't want to choose, THAT is still a choice..

Have a good day.

Now here you go again
You say you want your freedom
Well who am I to keep you down
Its only right that you should
Play the way you feel it

p.s You want something.. GO get it..

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I am the sky here..

The hardest part of deciding to move on, making changes in life and struggling for improvements is making the first step leaving all your past and old habits behind.

It's like leaving to a new home. You know you need to move to your new home yet, leaving the old home is a bit hard to do. Especially, when this old home brings lots of memories and experiences to you. Yet, you know that to keep on living at that home would not bring anything better to you. Maybe it's located in a bad community, maybe the house is beyond repair.. you need to move to a better place, yet to packed your things and prepare to move is really a hard thing to do.

Same goes with the move to make life better. When you see that your life is a mess, you think of ways to get out of that situation. The moment you need to make the first step, all those past, bad habits and experiences you had before lingers to hold you back from making that significant move.

You know that you need to keep moving no matter how hard it is right?

So, keep on moving. Make it happen. Just go forward and don't look back in regrets. You'll get the momentum rolling once you get the hang of the journey.

AND if you feel that the move is kinda lonely journey. Here's a song by Audioslave to keep you company.

I am not your rolling wheels
I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride
I am the sky
I am not your blowing wind
I am the sky here
I am not your autumn moon
I am the night
The night

Never fear the obstacle in front of you. Never hesitate. Face it and don't quit to that journey to a better life.

p.s the experience is worth the journey... I'm coming home today..

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Glory is being the bigger person in the most humble manner..

--- Find the others only on ---
--- Supported by ---

What else can I say?
Forgive me for all that may hurt you.
For promises that I have not kept tight.
For good intentions that have been misunderstood
For all the wrongdoings and all the right that went wrong.

Minnal Eid' Wal-Faidzin..

Salam Aidilfitri.

p.s How touching to see on the eve of 'Celebration og Glory', our first Angkasawan made a historic mark to reach ISS.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Is this really your value??

Let's try make some life personal income audit and see if we are worth accordingly to our qualification and experience.

How about we start a benchmark with this scenario.

You're a middle level executive working in the stable economic status of Malaysia with a salary of RM2500 a month.

_______________ = RM 96.15 / day

26 Working Days

RM 96.15
_______________ = RM 12.02 / hour

8 hours a day

So, if an executive earning RM2500 a month is valued at RM12.02 an hour (that is IF they don't work any extra hours). While a transvestite working at the alley could earn somewhere around RM 30 to RM 70 an hour.

Compare the two professions, which one seems to have more values in the eyes of the 'Market' ?

If you earn double than the executive above. Congratulations, you level of income are at par as the transvestite.

If you earn lower than RM2500 a month... I'm sorry, How about considering other options to make your income?

While you figure out what you should do now, watch the video. Maybe the information could help you.

p.s Wishing everybody SALAM AIDILFITRI and May Allah bless all of you with the mind, the heart and the soul of a courageous human being.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Covering Ella Ella Eyy Eyy Eyy...

Have you listen to the radio recently? I need constant dosage of music when I'm driving and I either listen to the songs on my thumbdrive (using the FM transceiver), play a CD or listen to the radio.

I don't really have any favourite station yet somehow, Mix FM would always manage to grab my attention much longer than any other station. (Don't go smiling just yet, your 2 new DJ's especially the latest addition did not do well on winning my attention..)

That's besides the point, the last few days got me listening to an acoustic cover version of Rihanna's song 'Umbrella' by Marie Digby. The song was done beautifully that I came to like the song everytime it's on air. (I don't really like the original version, I switch station every time it was played on the radio)

So, I checked about Marie Digby on the internet and I'm amazed to know that she got her big break through where she posted all her self-played guitar performances of her favourite song there. A YouTube phenomenon if I may say so.

She's now officially a recording artiste, Her version of 'Umberella' is now played at almost everywhere. From the look of it, she might have a big chance to be a huge star.

This is her first TV appearance on a show with Carson Daly (yes, that guy who's once on MTV)..

Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS MARIE DIGBY.

p.s Now why can't local talents show their true talent at the best merit instead of having to immitate somebody else.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Dream yourself along another day..

I stumbled on this Music Video by an Australian artiste. (or I think he's Australian..) . Lovely melody, easy listening and the lyrics just smack your head instantly (well, if you're a person who could think properly that is..)

How would you know if the right opportunity comes knocking on your door? OK, that's a very idiotic question to ask, there's no such thing as 'right' opportunity. As if there's also the 'wrong' opportunity. Opportunity is just opportunity. Right?

So, if you got an opportunity, would you seize it right away? Would you be the moronic genius who will think about it, analyse it, reanalyse it until your mind got your action paralyse that you suddenly not sure why you forgot the opportunity in the first place?

How would you define an opportunity? After all opportunity is like that mechanical emergency exit door that closes when you're caught in a burning building. The only way for you the get out is by having a quick thought, trust your instict and just jump out of the door before it is sealed completely.

The next time you get another opportunity (if you are that lucky I mean, most of the time you will not get it anymore..) How would you react to it?

Give yourself a favor and do something with it as soon as possible. Never do the same mistake again.. It's your life that we're talking here.

Go on, watch the video. It's really a nice song.

Don't be scared of what you cannot see
Your only fear is possibility
Never wonder what the hell went wrong
Your second chance may never come along

p.s Here's a question. How sure are you that you can live securely in the next 10 years? SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Your brain gets smart but your head gets DUMB..

Have you decided what you want to do in life?
Have you decided what would your life be?
Are you ready to change your realities?
Are you ready to commit to your dreams?
Do you dare to stand out from the rest?
Do you dare to to move forward?


WHY did you decide to go for all that?

Because you're an all star.. You make things happens for YOU.

p.s No, cowards do not need to answer all that questions.. Just sit there and wonder about other things..Happy Weekend

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I’m the voice inside your head.. reminding you to CHANGE

Over the years, I've always post entries that related to 'change'. The ability to adapt change and stay focus on the end results for taking actions towards it is the key factor to be a successful person.

To make changes, you must first ask yourself 'WHY?' you need to make that change. Understanding 'Why?' will then set the course as the changes develops the processes.

Yet, most of us would try as much as they can to avoid from facing any changes. The fear of the unknown has always been the primary obstacles to start the change.

Some of us understands clearly why they need to make some changes, they know what it takes to make such changes and how to go a bout it. Yet, they did not make enough effort to make a small significance of changes. They would rather believe that there are ways to get the changes without having to sacrifice anything from them but later realise that will not happen and suddenly they give up on the idea.

There are some who are cowards to face the realities of the world, let alone their own realities. Yet, they prefer not to put up hope on making changes, Ignoring the facts that pointed at them (while laughing or hating those who do) in denial.

These are the pretenders, or hypocrites, not to us. Not to the society but to their loving family and all the people who really cares about them.

And to be weak, ignorance and not having the guts to go for a much better life and successes is just lame. This are the true losers who give up their real personal value from an extremely priceless to be just slightly above the price of a toilet brush.

Think about it. Make the steps to changes now. You owe it at least to your own family and relatives. (that is IF you have a huge heart to support your dreams and changes)

In the end, talk is cheap. Your actions and reactions will determine if you do have the courage to own your life, let alone making sure that your loved ones living a better life than what it is at present in the near future.

What if I say I’m not like the others
What if I say I’m not just another one in your place
You’re the pretender
What if I say I will never surrender

p.s btw watch the video of the new single by Foo Fighters. This is 'The Pretender'

Friday, 28 September 2007

Profiting the human values.. not human trade

When it first started in 2005, the site was created to host videos made by the creators and their friends to share online. As it began to offer the public the opportunity for doing the same with each other, it soon received massive followings on the world wide web users around the globe.

Now, after many recognition by the media. After Google Inc. announced that it had reached a deal to acquire the company for US$1.65 billion in Google stock. After improvising their user interface and make strategic alliances with Broadcasting Networks and International Recording Labels. is now offering services to Non-Profit Organization to have their own channels airing their cause.

This is how it's done. A company giving their full service and support to such organization is very rare. In fact, most companies will only show support by providing annual charity fundings to selected organization that could bring out the best Public Relation impact and while trying to lower down their taxes.

The YouTube Nonprofit Program called Broadcast Your Cause lets Non-Profit Organization to have their own dedicated channel and using features that are far better than the normal users to upload and broadcast their content.

I would suggest, that all Non-Profit and Non-Political organization that fight for the cause that benefit mankind should take this advantage.

Here is one of the video by World Vision Stir from Australia expressing their concerns and asking for support to stop human trafficking of children that now freely operating in many parts of Asia.

Heck, It is our worry too since we have many missing children and the recent Nurin's death.

To I admire the move and I salute you.

p.s If only Malaysian media could act as transparent as YouTube in matters of charity and noble cause. Then again, you let advertising man run the media.. Not Gonna Happen...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

I'm not an addict (maybe that's a lie) ..

Addict is never really a good word to describe anybody. When you're labeled as a drug addict, people around you would be very careful when being near to you. Some might even stay away from you.

Yet, I do believe that other than drugs, we all are an addict in some way or another. We might not want to admit it but if you think carefully and be honest to yourself, you might find certain addiction within you.

Here are some of the basic examples..

1. Addiction to telenovela or cinetron - As long as it's a soap opera serials on TV, you will watch it. You will not miss an episode in any way and anybody who try to make you miss an episode will definitely be in deep trouble for a long time.

2. Addiction to domestic violence - You see this person, male or female been beat up badly by their partners too often. Sometimes, to the extent of breaking up with their partners. Yet, give them 2-3 days, they'll be crawling back to that person, telling the people they have reconciled and gets the beating again in less than 24 hours.

3. Addicted to caffeine - No coffee for a day. I would rather die.. (need I say more.. there's too many out there..)

OK, that's just the basic ones, how about these examples..

1. Addicted to financial constraint - You live your life being broke, having to survive with nothing else but just instant noodle at every meal for the whole week. Thinking about how lucky other people are than you and how you wish you could at lest have slightly more money than you got now. Yet, when such opportunity occur, you take it for a while, not too long before crawling back to those ecstasy of being bitchy broke..

2. Addicted to misery - You love all things that makes you feel outcast and miserable. Telling people how bad you situation are and expect constant sympathy. Then came a chance to make life better, you take it and later look for ways to show that even that chance is not good enough to make you happy. You'll add on stories with it to make your situation even more pathetic than before.. BECAUSE you love the high feeling of it.

3. Addicted of crisis - You love crisis. You'll say people just don't cut out to be with as human as you and pick a fight with just about anybody. To you, that's a sign of independence. Anybody who do not follow popular choices should be this way. So, even when you decide to do something for yourself, the moment others join in to be with you, you suddenly change your decision and pick a fight with them instead.
These are just some of the examples. I have not include those who are addicted to power, addicted to be a slave, addicted to public attention and so on.. The list could go on and on..

It is not a habit, it is cool
I feel alive I feel.......
It is not a habit, it is cool
I feel alive

So, Are you an Addict? Come on, do not lie to yourself..

Saturday, 22 September 2007

It's a small 9 crimes...

If you read my previous entries before, You would know I love the songs of Damien Rice from his previous album 'O'.

He released his new album titled '9' somewhere end of last year. As expected, Damien Rice kept his usual style of 'all-from-the-heart' songs of contemporary folk music. (Although, I'm don't really agree on the folk label to his song..)

One of the singles, is a song called '9 Crimes' , an emotional ballad performed as a duet with his usual duet partner, Lisa Hannigan.

I think I got the general story of the song, where a crime of love and passion between two lovers are involved but, I'm not sure why is it call 9 crimes or what are the 9 crimes..

Oh well, watch the video, listen to the song and could anybody explain to me about the song... Anybody?

9 Crimes - Damien Rice

Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place
To be thinking of you
It's the wrong time
For somebody new
It's a small crime
And I've got no excuse

Is that alright?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright?
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it
Is that alright?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright, yeah, with you?

Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place
To be cheating on you
It's the wrong time
she's pulling me through
It's a small crime
And I've got no excuse

Is that alright?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright?
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it
Is that alright?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright
Is that alright with you?

Is that alright?
Is that alright?
Is that alright with you?
Is that alright?
Is that alright?
Is that alright with you?



Friday, 21 September 2007

But you're still F*** peasants as far as I can see

Back in my university years, I do have classmates who came from Sudan. Friendly bunch of guys, willing to learn and eager to understand others. They even make effort to learn Bahasa Malaysia to communicate.

Then I learned about Sudan, especially Darfur on how people are being treated there. That kinda sad to know. Young men were shot for no reason. The women were raped. That news shocked the hell of me. I do have friends from Sudan.

Now, Amnesty International is making a campaign to stop those inhuman violence. They launched an album featuring present stars performing songs by the late John Lennon, calling it 'Make Some Noise : Save Darfur' .

Here's a video from by Green Day, performing 'Working Class Hero' for the album.

Help them by giving your support. These are our brothers. Most of them are Muslims. It's Ramadhan, and I do pray they have a good place to celebrate Eid.

While you're at it.. Here are the lyrics to the song. Give some thought to it as well. It might also be true to some of us.


As soon as your born they make you feel small,
By giving you no time instead of it all,
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all,
A working class hero is something to be,
A working class hero is something to be.

They hurt you at home and they hit you at school,
They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool,
Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules,
A working class hero is something to be,
A working class hero is something to be.

When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years,
Then they expect you to pick a career,
When you can't really function you're so full of fear,
A working class hero is something to be,
A working class hero is something to be.

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV,
And you think you're so clever and classless and free,
But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see,
A working class hero is something to be,
A working class hero is something to be.

There's room at the top they are telling you still,
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill,
If you want to be like the folks on the hill,
A working class hero is something to be.
A working class hero is something to be.

If you want to be a hero well just follow me,
If you want to be a hero well just follow me.

p.s What's your purpose in life. Would you be a good person if you don't care about other humans?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

All you need is love.. Love is all you need..

These are some of the scenes from the latest musical movie originally created based on the songs of The Beatles. I've blogged about how I would love to watch this movie earlier this year.

'Across The Universe' will start showing in cinemas tomorrow. I'm not sure if movies of such genre and treatment could attract the Malaysian cinema owners to include it on their list. I do hope they do the business because they are passionate about movies and will then include it in their megaplex cinemas.

Hey, Bono's acting in this movie.. This should be interesting.


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

100% Lembu Tenusu

They claim it's the youngest land on earth to be discovered. Legend has it that the land was fished from the sea.

To some, although it's almost at the end of the bottom earth.. the landscape it just 'Middle Earth'.

This is the only place that takes pride on anything All Black... and while they have their own country singers like the americans. Their cowboys breeds frasier cows. Milk is more lovable than steaks, I guess..

This is definitely a place I would love to rent a cottage by the sea and spend 2 weeks holiday.. (or maybe 3..)

100% Pure Dairy..err... New Zealand.

p.s anybody want to join us??

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Freedom is a right for all of us..

This is what we did last Sunday. Our Organization booked the whole Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lagoon Resort to hold its Annual International Members Exchange.

We have water games, lucky draw with RM60K given for the top 3 winners and RM12K as the first price for the Survivor Challenge.

We have a concert performed by Amy Search later that night.

And if that's not enough, we got huge fireworks at midnight for us and everybody living nearby to appreciate.

Above all, we had FUN and satisfaction that worth more than the price of the entry ticket.

Next year, it will be held in either Macau or Jakarta. I do hope it will be in Jakarta..


Friday, 14 September 2007

Birthday and New Born..

Last Saturday, we celebrate the birthday of these twins. They are 2 years old now. Today, almost a week after their birthday, they got a newborn cousin..

Happy Birthday to Adam & Farah.


Congratulation Mimi & Lamdek for the first born son.


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Unless we are a little crazy..

If you read about any successful people on how they start they life journey to success, you'll noticed that almost all of them started by believing their own instincts. That had a hunch on why they need to do certain things and just do it without hesitation.

Most of them, at that moment of time did things that could not be considered as normal everyday actions. Not just how they do things, but how they see the world and what they believe they world should be are very different from those average man..

Over and over again, this people would struggle to get people to at least give a positive thought on their ideas but somehow, being the typical mortals of this planet.. people call them crazy.. lunatic.. psycho and all other labels other than those that would refer to them as genius.

Not until, one day in the future, their ideas made them a billionaire and suddenly, those same people will end up admiring them.

Anyway, the point is, if you listen to people's too much, you'll end up stuck in nowhere else but where they want you to be.. i.e not too far from their pathetic ass. If you take their opinion too seriously and end up living in dilemma, THEY WIN.

SO what if they call you crazy? So what if they hate you for trying to progress in life? As long as you're clear of what you want in life. As long as you're clear of why you want it badly and how you can achieve it.. their blind comments should not be a reason for you not to proceed with your plans.

It's your life that you should be thinking seriously and not letting anybody hold you back. Sometimes you need to be crazy and different to stay ahead from the rest of the people..

After all, if anything bad do happen to you.. Those idiots would not be around to help you bounce back anyway.

In a sky full of people, only some want to fly,
Isn't that crazy?
In a world full of people, only some want to fly,
Isn't that crazy?

Just stay focus on your dreams..

p.s Those of you living in Sunway, USJ, Subang Jaya or any areas nearby Sunway Lagoon.. Watch the sky from your own window this Sunday Night, right before midnight for some colorful fireworks..

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

You Jump... You Die!! (I won't..)

su·i·cide (sū'ĭ-sīd')

  1. The act or an instance of intentionally killing oneself.
  2. The destruction or ruin of one's own interests: It is professional suicide to involve oneself in illegal practices.
  3. One who commits suicide.

Let's talk about this word. Most of us, when we talk about this issue will only think of one typical situation... commit suicide or (if that's a huge term to swallow..) killing yourself and ends your own life.

So, how do you do that? Typically, we would could easily give examples like jumping of from a high building or a bridge. Some might say that a person would be considered as committing suicide by drinking poison, (like those love fools of Romeo and Juliet) or drinking Parakuat like those (Rural Estate heroes)

That's just some of the usual examples. Whatever ways a person choose, if it leads to end their own life. That's suicide... and suicide is God Forbid.

Now look at the meaning of the word again. Think. And then, imagine a person who plans their future according to what they feel comfortable enough at the present, even though they realise that their decision would lead to a dead end, which will not only ends their own life but also their loved ones. Isn't that an act of suicide too?

There's a big difference between 'taking risk without the fear of death' and 'relax , we would all die anyway..'. One live their life to the fullest, while the other already giving up spiritually.

I plead all of you to rethink about your life. if it is on it's way to a suicide, I hope you reconsider your future and reorganise your life.

Even if it hurts..

Everyone's got to face down the demons
Maybe today
We can put the past away

p.s lepas tu.. tak nak kawan aku pun takpe.. berjuta lagi orang lain aku boleh kawan. Jangan bunuh diri sendiri dan orang tercinta.

Monday, 3 September 2007

The Labuan Trip..

My National Day Celebration went on OK. Labuan was great. What else to do other than Duty Free items, Cheap Seafood and a rock show right after the countdown?

But, things would be better if the organiser (i.e : the paymaster) do things more professionally. If only, the whole objectives to have such event is to get the people together and not for some personal gain. (I will not elaborate on this part.. )

Anyway, Here are some photos taken during the Labuan Trip. I am very sorry for the quality of the photos, I'm yet to buy a DSLR for my own satisfaction..

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Keep on rocking the free world!!

Damn, it's been while since I'm involved in any stage event. I think my last event was also with this Band for a concert with Slank in 2006 at Merdeka Stardium. This time, we will be in Labuan for Merdeka Countdown concert.

Not just them, the Malaysian Rock Queen Ella will also be performing at the concert.

So it's a rock show, great seafood and duty free items for me this National Day. What a way to celebreate National Day.

And for that, here's a video performend by both artists that will be performing for the concert in Labuan.

(Are you??)ENJOYS!!


Monday, 27 August 2007

Tribute la ni kan...

So, did anybody got the name of the band right? (This question is not for KC..)

To KC, that entry is not even near to a tribute. But I must agree they got a few great songs. (I got 2 songs on my list myself..)

If there's anyway it I wold make a tribute to the band. This is how I do it.. Search YouTube for their videos and put it up on this blog.

Like what I'm doing NOW.. hehehe..

Enjoy the video..


Sunday, 26 August 2007

Trivia : Are you 'experienced' enough to know??

OK, It's 5:14am. It's a Sunday Morning and I'm not sure why I end up waking up this early.

Last night, we had our usual home party with all partners and friends. The event went on great. The food was excellent (Mak Yan is definitely the caterer you want to have for your event)

Above everything else was a conversation with a few senior partners. They mentioned about taking the journey with all your heart into business. I was amazed on how a commitment from the heart will take anybody far than they can imagine.

I mean, I know for a fact all that is true. Most of it, I learn about it from books and stories of a living person that I never met. This time, the person themselves tell you about their experiences passionately.

By giving your whole heart to what you dream of, you'll move forward. You will face your own fear and obstacles right in the eyes and take on every risk one at a time. You will not stop at nothing.

The more you do that, the more experiences you'll get. With more experiences, you'll notice at once, anything that seems familiar to do. In less of the time than other people..

Oh, too many info on a Sunday Morning.. I'll end it here. But, before that.. here's a quick trivia for everybody. Do you know this band? Do you know the name of each band members? Remember, if you have the experience.. it would not take a lot of time to answer this simple question. Experience is everything..

p.s Come on people, you've been to quiet.. talk to me..

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Give another fella Hell..

In 1973, Sir Paul McCartney wrote a song with the title 'Live and Let Die' for a James Bond movie of the same title. This song is not part of The Beatles archives but performed with his new band Wings. (no, Awie or any of his bandmates were not associated with this band in any manner)

The song immediately became a hit in 1973.

17 years later, one of the greatest (and partly notorious) rock band Guns N Roses, recorded a cover of this hit song. Not many cover songs succeed in making an impact if the original version is a great single at it's time but Guns N Roses made it.

Now, another 17 years after. It is about time to play the song again. Not because it should be played every 17 years. Not because the song made a cameo appearance in one of the scene of Shrek The Third.

It is just appropriate to remind each and every one of us living in the highly opinionated era to keep focus on your dreams, to keep working on achieving those dreams, and NOT to give a damn of any negative opinion from those around us. Especially those dream killers who claims that they care about you.

Go ahead, live life to the fullest... Live and Let Die. It's your life and your future that they are trying to mess with. DO NOT let them interfere..

What does it matter to ya
When ya got a job to do
Ya got to do it well
You got to give the other fella hell

Sir Paul McCartney, thank you for the straight forward reminder..

Friday, 24 August 2007

Being Typically Typical??

I just couldn't understand it. Those people who did not have the opportunity to change their life would do almost anything to have such opportunity. Unfortunately, those people who have the chance to seize the opportunity, give up just too easily.

Maybe it's our fault to offer anybody who need the chance our full support and make things easy for them to get. It's so easy, that even at their sorry state of life could not appreciate the opportunity with all their heart.

Maybe, all they want is just like any other people of their kind... to be powerful, to be popular with almost no effort needed. Sounds too much like their elders..

Maybe, they just trying to emotionally blackmailing others by saying they want to quit or give up, so that the other person would feel sorry and do everything for them to succeed.

Maybe being typically typical, all they want is to take a free ride over other people's success in the future. Just like they have always been thought by the people surrounding them.

Well, I'm sorry to all of them. You either struggle to succeed together or you will be left behind. We will not tolerate any free lunchers who sit, gossip and being a loser while waiting for any close friends and family to succeed and share it with them.

If you want to do so, you can. But, that will only work in the rural areas of the north... where I see too many of such people waiting for charity to work like miracles..

y 90%.. Almost being a hopeless freak.

Here's a video by Ella. We used to love this song during the 1998 Commonwealth Games, How about we put our heart to appreciate this song NOW and make it everybody's dream to make history for themselves. (even that history would be the most popular ethic group to quit easily in the whole wide world..hahaha)
But I am sorry for those who LOVE to give up and quit. They just lower their own values b


Saturday, 18 August 2007

Salam Kemerdekaan Indonesia..

I've wish Singapore on their National Day celebration. It would not be fair if I didn't wish Indonesia a Happy National Day which was celebrated yesterday, 17th August 2007.

OK, so my wish is a little bit belated. It's better late than never right? After all, we are neighbours, and we do assist each other as much as being in constant crisis with one another. That just to show that we are once a family that being divided by God-knows-who.

What better to celebrate Indonesian National day than playing a music that would closely related to them. What song would reflect them better than this song by Projek Pop : Dangdut is the Music of My Country.

Hey, this is not a pure Dangdut song. But, the lyrics is full of messages for unity.


From all of us in Malaysia.



Friday, 17 August 2007

If You Want To (That is if you have no issues against it..)

A year ago, Hollywood came up with this semi-documentary with the title 'The US vs John Lennon'. If you read(that is IF reading is your interest) about John Lennon and his activism on anti-war and people power, This would be an interesting documentary to watch.

The problem is, where can I get this documentary in Malaysia? I'm sure we have nothing to do with their agenda. And I'm sure Malaysian government are not any way having the same feeling as the US in this issue. So I'm sure it should not be a problem getting this documentary on sale here. Right?

So tell me again, where can I get this documentary? I mean here in Malaysia.
Please.. (oh, I'm suppose to say 'please' when ask for something..)


The Flower Girls of Durham..

Ladies and Gentlemen.. As a preview, I present to you the Flower Girls. All the way from Durham.

Coming Soon to Malaysia in November..

Thursday, 16 August 2007

R ethos put to the main agenda?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the web 2.0 is running on full speed. Just as you about to check on whatever the latest trends web 2.0 have to offer, suddenly there's a new one coming.

I present to you Another community platform for those who thinks, questions and act to make this world and the people living in it a much better being than we are at the present state.

Noble cause, noble intentions but if they have to live on their own, they'll surely die soon than you can imagine. AND They need your support.

OR at the very least, take a peek on what they have to offer. Come 1st September, they'll be up and running full fledge..

Welcome to

Tell me what you think..


Thursday, 9 August 2007

For World Peace!! (insert hand waves HERE)..

This entry should be short, sweet and simple...

I would like to take the opportunity to our neighboring brothers and sisters of Singapore a wonderful HAPPY NATIONAL DAY. I do hope it's time to put our similarities into focus rather than our differences.

I would want to put a video that relates dearly to all Singaporeans but I'm having difficulties in choosing which video that could bring a smile to all of you.

So, I'll just put up 2 videos. One of which even the people in JB might be able to sing along for it's regular opening on Singapore TV. Another is a altered lyrics to a song by Billy Joel that was creatively written by a Singaporean.. in a very Singaporean way..


p.s Why I do this? For WORLD PEACE!! what else??

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan..

Raja Nazrin's Speech at The First Malaysian Student Leaders Summit made the front page of the NST earlier this week. The speech have more truth in it than any other news that made the front cover of any daily newspaper.

Yes, truth hurts. But, you how long will we deny that the nation are at a critical level as far as unity, racial harmony and solidarity are concerned?

I'm not sure how did we get astray from our core values of living in multiracial harmony that used to be our pride to the world, but things are getting worse by the day.

I remember back, not to long ago :-

1. A sport event involving our national team would be taken very seriously. We would make time to cheer and support them. Even if it's only in front of the TV set, the event would definitely be a family affair. We scream with joy if they win and we cry when they lose. But we still love them for putting a good fight in the name of our country.

2. I remember when we took pride in speaking Bahasa Malaysia. No one would regard it as Bahasa Melayu, (even malays have their different dialects) THIS IS BAHASA MALAYSIA which originates from Bahasa Melayu, but developed as such that no malay quarters can claimed it as their exclusive language. And we see, other races speaking the same language fluently (sometimes even better than malays). We have singers from all races singing in Bahasa Malaysia. We have speakers and debaters that could speak Bahasa Malaysia from all walks of life and proud to call the language as their language.

3. I remember the time when we share our dream to make it big outside Malaysia together so that we could proudly say "This is how it's done in Malaysia"

4. I remember when media and broadcast company have the dream to produce contents from Malaysia that could easily syndicated to the rest of the world for it's substance. Documentaries, talkshows or even entertainment that are unique and great to the world.

5. I remember we used to have our own principles and we will stand by it. No other nation can dictates what we should do and what we should not do simply because we understand ourselves better. And because we know, if given a chance, we will show them why we act with those principles.

That was back then. Maybe all that unity and solidarity issues is not our main concern because it's not easy to make big bucks from it. Maybe we should all learn from the countries that loves to create wars from small fries. After all, that should be cool and make us look as if we're up to date with trends... Right?

I don't know. I'm just one person. What about you?

I was visiting the zoo with Murni's nephews when I read this speech and it's ironic to see the animals there are more civilised then the humans outside their shelter.

Come on. Admit that we do need to get back on track as Malaysians. Mend those differences and just focus on what we share in common. Before, it's too late.

Dimana bumi dipijak
Disitu langit ku junjung
Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam
Biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.

p.s May the video helps to bring back the spirit in you..

Friday, 3 August 2007

Love Reign O'er Me

I would suggest all of you to watch 'Reign Over Me'. I have to admit this is not a movie Malaysian Telcos, Banks or any Fast Food would want to co-brand with because the movie is full of heart and you need to do a bit of thinking to check if MAYBE, your life is somewhere in such situation. 'Cool Branding' and 'Thinking' does not go well in Malaysian Brand Exercise you see..

This movie is titled after a song by The Who, (I realise Americans love to associate themselves with this British band's work..)

How would you know if any of your friend need a help from a psychiatrist? More importantly, how would you know if you yourself need some help on that area? Would you admit that you have a problem, depression or hypertension that is much bigger than what you can handle alone? OR would you just be in denial, ignore the fact that you have problems within you and just sweep everything under the carpet.. Pretending that none of all that exist and hopefully if make believe about strong enough.. all those problems will just vanish into thin air and nobody will ever know about it.

This is a movie about that psychological issues within yourself. Those depression and despair that most of us don't really know how to deal with it when it's right in front of us...and most of don't even realise we suffering with one when it is already growing inside us.

Yet, the story telling is superb, the cast did a great job delivering the story and you won't feel like killing yourself or maybe killing other people...

Watch the trailer. After that, let see if you dare to get out from your denial state and give it a go on this harmful movie..

Like the tagline of this movie.. 'Let in the unexpected.'

p.s For once, Adam Sandler is not with his usual movie gang. Oh, and this is not even like any of the movie he would typically be in..

Monday, 30 July 2007

A life you dont live is still lost

There are moments in life when you look back to what you've done and what you've become, you end up deciding to take a step to act on making some changes within yourself.

The question is, after you decided to act on anything for your own good, when will you actually start to do it?

Maybe you'll say after you settled doing anything you're doing now. Maybe, you'll act after you solve whatever problems you faced at this very moment. OR maybe, you'll act after you let those decision on stale mate for another year. ONLY YOU KNOWS when YOU WILL ACT.. AND ONLY YOU KNOWS THAT ALL REASON YOU GAVE ARE JUST EXCUSES..


After all, it's for your own good and benefit. Why wait? If you did not procrastinate anything you do for the benefit of your BOSS... Why would you procrastinate anything that benefit yourself?

GO ON.. Start doing something for your own good.


and the risk that might break you
Is the one that would save
A life you dont live is still lost
So stand on the edge with me
Hold back your fear and see
Nothing is real til it's gone

p.s Hey, watch this video by Goo Goo Dolls, a song for the Transformers Movie. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two great ideas from rockstars now..

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Start holding on, keep holding on (to your dreams..)

End of the month. What can I say? It has been a very laid back month. 'Laid back' is not really the exact word to describe it. 'Dazed and Confused' is more appropriate. Let's just leave that as it is..

When people take on a mission to make a significant improvements in their life, they don't decide to do that for no particular reason. There must be a strong reason for them to do whatever it takes to achieve whatever they dream for.

The journey to a better life is not a smooth one. THAT they are aware of. The start of making significant changes to pursue those dreams is as hard as trying to accept the fact that whatever you've learned and experienced in life before this is no longer valid and you need a new set of knowledge.

More than often, you WILL fail in your attempts. Not just a couple of times but you'll fail more than anybody could bear. Sometimes you fail because you did not do it right. Sometimes you fail because you did the right thing but it's not precise enough. And those failures will keep testing your faith and your determination towards achieving your dreams.

So, what would you do? Give up and go back to that old life you hated.. (At least the rest of your friends who did not support you will accept you back as another mediocre member of the community) OR Stay strong, stay focus, take a deep breath, get the mind and body moving again.

WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU ARE... YOU ARE RIGHT!! (Even if you think you are a loser who can't have any great things in life)

Because you are what you perceive.

May you have the passion, the determination, the courage, the grace and the will to express whatever your dreams would be. AND JUST GO FOR IT.. Failures is NOTHING..

While you're at it, watch this video and give it a thought.

Cause when push comes to shove
You taste what you're made of
You might bend, till you break
Cause it's all you can take
On your knees you look up
Decide you've had enough
You get mad you get strong
Wipe your hands shake it off
Then you stand

p.s I'll be heading south to JB and Kota Tinggi this weekend. You want to see people with strong heart and mind.. Go to Kota Tinggi.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Counting down to 50..

This is the last week of July. Next week, we'll be entering the month of August. Like every other years in the past, August will be a month for Malaysian to get busy with the National Day celebration. (If you read my past 31st August entries, you'll know I will not call it Independence Day Celebration...)

This August, will mark the 50th anniversary of our National Day Celebration. As we're reaching 31st August, let's list the top 10 national news that got everybody talking.. not in any particular order..

And here are the top talk-about news..

1. High profile (and 'creative') murder case of Altantuya Shaaribu involving 2 policeman and a top political strategist. (PLEASE practice 'Innocent until proven guilty' ethics no matter what would the media be sensationalising..)

2. The death of Yin Yin, claiming the mother and her boyfriend to be directly responsible for the death. (AGAIN, as sick as the story could be.. please practice the above ethics)

3. CEOs and Managing Directors from a few top corporate companies being charged, fined or jailed for Breaching the code of conduct. Most of the companies are handling major projects for public interest.

4. Our Football team (or soccer, if you're watching too much of MTV) DID IT AGAIN!! They never failed to keep the loyal fans screaming. (We move from screaming of joy.. to screaming of suffering frustrations..) Hey, at least they're still 'loyal fans'..

5. Broadcast Media would love to have more talent competition for the public with a promise of a future way better than getting a job using a Bachelor's Degree. (At some point, that may be true..hmmm..)

6. Primetime news should not go on air without a very vain self bragging segment by the TV station treated as 'news'.

7. As part of Visit Malaysia year, we would love to promote our land of rich and diverse cultures and heritage by having the Hop-on Hop off double decker bus, Eye of Malaysia and international stage plays as part of the main attraction.

8. With have a shocking growth of new potential movie stars and reality TV stars. Not just from the programs that the television produced, but also from other new edge medium such as mobile videos, digital camcorders and CCTV cameras. Anybody can be a star! (unfortunately, the tendency is more towards those genres that even 18SX classification is considered very lame..)

9. Our school teachers still practice post-world war punishments to students. (Oh, sorry.. the world is still at war, so that should be OK..)

9. The government still need to ask everybody to raise the 'Jalur Gemilang' Flag at their premises (They even have to make it a rule for all buildings in KL..) as a sign of Nationalism and Patriotism spirit by Malaysians..

10. Our public service have improved from the old system to the new information technology system. (although the workforce attitude and mentality did not shift that much. but, hey.. they still shift..even at 0.1%.. it's still a shift)

So, that's all 10 that I could immediately noticed from what's happening the past few months.

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia.. May the final few week before the day itself would surprise us with a much better 'development' by the nation..


Sunday, 15 July 2007

Inipun ada macam nak terkucil...

Ask any Malay Malaysians and Singaporeans if they ever watched and remember any scenes from the old Jalan Ampas Studio movies, you might just end up not just one scene, but maybe more than 5 scenes.

Those black and white movies does affect our lives in some way or another. At the very least, we learn something about our own culture and attitude in the most funny, ironic and cynical manner.

I don't remember much of those scenes from the serious or romantic movies of those era. I guess I'm those few people who wouldn't care less about the staple star, Tan Sri P Ramlee.

BUT, I do love all the comedies by those era. From Bujang Lapuk series, to Labu Labu and Do Re Mi, the funny lines are just great. It's amazing to see how they could come up with such ideas.

Yes, it's P Ramlee who's directing all those movies. But, to me the real comic hero of Jalan Ampas would not be him.

If there's one name that I would pick as the comedy hero of Jalan Ampas. I would pick the man behind the word 'Sarkis' himself when he spelled it as 'Alif Mim Nun Wau, Alif tendang Wau'..

Pak S.Shamsudin. I SALUTE YOU!


Just watch the video and tell me if you agree..

p.s It's spelled in Jawi, just try to figure out what does it spells for..

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

And I wish that I could make it better..

I think all motivators and life-coaches have one thing in common.. No matter what are their techniques and success theories would be, they will all tell you to be daring to face a few failures along the way.

Failure is not a bad thing. It is a part of the process for anybody to grow and be better. The problem is, most people see failure as a situation rather than a process. End up, they don't dare to face the challenges, they thought they would permanently stay in failure and worst still, the moment they saw failure coming, they turn back and return to where they started without trying to give a fight.

I don't blame them. We are thought in this world that 'FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION'. Most of the time, those people who told us that did not even understand what they are saying.

Yes, it is not an option. But nobody tells us that in order for us not to have it as an option, we need to face it and get it over and done with.

Now, why am I rambling about this? I see too many people tend to give up when they see a slight glimpse of what they think could be a failure. I see too many people start fighting each other when they see there's a possibility of failure when all they need to do is to stay together and fight to overcome the failure.

The more I see it, the more I think about how else can I get people to understand why not to panic. The more I think the less sleep I will get from my already insomniac stage of sleep. The less sleep, would then make my body and my mind exhausted and I might end up having the possibilities of seeing another parallel universe.. either by hallucination or by being dead. (hey, this is a positive statement.. OK.)

So, since we already know this wonderful world is not as bad as the media wants us to believe. Every time you face difficulties in life, try slowing down your pace, take a deep breath and then tackle the issues, not the people within the issues.

Most important, without failure.. there's no such thing as success. An illusion of success is still not a success.

And I know that it's a wonderful world
But I cant feel it right now,
I thought I was doing well but I just want to cry now,
Well I know that its a wonderful world from the sky down to the sea,
but I can only see when you're here, here with me.

p.s Unlearning what false info you've been fed is not easy.. you just need stay focus..