In a blink of the giant's eye, wish it will come true

Road Trip

Let's give 2005 a wonderful start.

Joy to the World

It's Easy If You Try

First Malaysian on the Moon.

Making the best out of the situation

When all things seems going the wrong way.

Back in the Mud Valley

Put This to A Test

Minal Eid Wal Fa'izzin

The Love, The Hope and The Reality

ATTENTION : Halloween is posponed due to the unavoidable situation of the all hantus..

It's an Emergency.. We Now Declare War!!

Open your heart and the mind will take it course..

Road Less Travelled

Still with me in my dreams..

Welcome Back to the Scene

Lost in Translation

PARAGON : You are all invited

The Height of Love

The Magical Moment.

It's been a while now..

Bring back a little smile... please..

COKELAT : Live in Kuala Lumpur

Cyberia Cafe at West End London.

How's your temper? Is it that bad??

What does your heart say? Listen..

National Day.. Wish all of you the best.

TOP 10 : When You Think It's All Worth It.

What's a Perfect Marriage.... Scientifically???

Here.. Laugh If Want To..

Go and ponder...

Another old song to remember

And the reason is...

If Olympics were created in Tanah Melayu...

Can I just hope...?

Immortal am I ??..

Is it true?

Tribute to Halimi and Nora